Monday, November 30, 2009

Unboxing Motorola Milestone ( Droid GSM version )

Testing started.. more soon...

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Oettinger said...

I would REALLY love to see you unboxing and testing the HTC HD2 - and then comparing it to the Milestone.
Any chance? :)


Unknown said...


Could you tell me what the rating of the included MicroSDHC card is?
2, 4 or 6?

It looks great, maybe compare it to the N900 in your next video? :-)

I'm also very interested about the support for Asian languages. According to Google, Android 2.0 should have a Japanese IME intergrated.
Any chance for you to comment on that?

Anonymous said...

Gotta get one of these! I have N97 Mini at the moment. Great for pics/video but the OVI store is limited

I think the droid is 2009 phone of the year, Kudos to Motorola + Google for this one

I was originally going for HD2 but winMobile put me right off

When you get chance can you test YouTube and Flash in general?


dans said...

You sir are a gent.

Looking forward to the hands on so i can decide between this and the N900.

Anonymous said...

> Looking forward to the hands on so i can decide between this and the N900

My deciding factor is apps/market
Although Maemo 5 sounds great there is already talk of Maemo 6. I would imagine the Nokia (Maemo) app market would be fairly quiet for some time. At the same token Android is the current "buzz"


Anonymous said...

I would like Maarten's questions covered as well.

JKK said...

.. first impressions video coming tomorrow so just shoot if you have any other stuff you wanna see.

NUB said...

*Is Google navigation working in Europe//Finland? (as you said you managed to get Google Maps turn by turn navigation working on Milestone)
*How is the phone handling youtube videos?
*Could you please compare camera to your other smartphones HTC Pro2 and Nokia N97?
*How is the keyboard comparing to HTC Pro2?
*is there a Skype for Android?


john said...

How do you like the keyboard? I used a demo model of the Droid/Tao (Verizon - USA) ... and thought it felt AWFUL. But, that's a demo unit. So, I'm curious to hear your feedback.

JKK said...

- SD card is 8GB HC 4
- this version doesn't have Japanese IME.. I'll check if it's downloadable
- youtube works fine.. no flash
- Turn by turn doesn't work out of the box.. but it is easy to hack ( search "Think Tank #2 - SOLVED" )

There is only Skype lite for android.. more on next video

Anonymous said...

JKK didn`t you once annonce a comparison of N97 and HTC Touch pro2 ? May be now with Motorola Milestone in addition. Would enjoy this.

Oettinger said...

> JKK said...

> .. first impressions video coming tomorrow so
> just shoot if you have any other stuff you
> wanna see.

--> ...HTC HD2 - and then comparing it to the Milestone.
Any chance? :)


Anonymous said...

can you demo how easy it is to multitask betwwen apps?
Things like switching between them, and copy/paste funtionality

also please demo the voice control to see how good it is out recognising commands and directions in google maps

thanks ... Jim

Anonymous said...

One more ..
How quick is it to load the camera and grab a photo? I know there are reports of long focusing times

I checked some video recording comparisons of N97 vs Droid and the Droid did look really fuzzy when examining paused frames (especially when high speed traffic for example was passing by)

Hope Motorola/Google improve that
I read that a big update is due soon which hopefully fixes the few niggles here


Unknown said...

I have a question about keyboard. Can you write öä on the phone, maybe holding a button to be able to choose ä despite that the phone made for German market?

Best regards Pavel

Anonymous said...

jkk let us know what you think of the display. Reports and reviews seem positive enough. In particular how easy is it to read text without zooming

also, can numeric keys be acessed by holding down the relevant key for a short period or do you need to invoke a mode switch?

JKK said...

you can do ää and öö by press and hold...

display is goood

you need to use the ALT key for numbers.. double click on ALT keeps numbers .. on numeric forms you don't need to use ALT key

JKK said...

..btw, uploading First Impression video.

Unknown said...

Still waiting for the HQ (HD?) version at Youtube.
I hate waiting ;-)

I do find it odd that you don't have the Japanese IME (or Simplified Chinese IME) as I do have those in my SDK enviroment (albeit as a virtual device).

Can you check if you can select other languages (Such as Japanese/Chinese) on the device?

It might be that Motorola build a version which only include English, German, Spanish etc.
If that is the case, I hope we can build our own version which does include the nice internationalization of Android 2.0

Thanks for listing the specs of the MicroSDHC card.
Class 4 is more than I expected, I read that the DROID 16GB card (included in US version) is only a class 2 / horribly slow.

Unknown said...

hi JKK
was the Japanese IME downloadable? ^^
its not worth my money if i can't practice japanese~

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