Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Amazepc T10 Tablet gets some hands-on time


10.2 inch 1024 x 600 multitouch screen
Intel Atom N270
8GB to 32GB SSD or 80GB HDD
1.3Mpix webcam
Sd card slot
Wifi, bluetootht, 3G and GPS options
Windows 7
266x180x22mm 1020g

It doesn't look as shiny as on PR pictures... I bet we will see piles of 10 inch tablets at CES soon..

Check the rest of pics at UMPCFever [ translated ]

Amazepc T10

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Anonymous said...

Looking good, could do with a slightly higher res screen. The big issue with these is price, they have to be on a par with or lower then the price of a netbook. Otherwise they won't sell.

Mike Cane said...

As soon as I see any flavor of Windows combined with any flavor of Atom, my Must Avoid lights go off.

Mark Perrin said...

love the look of the device JKK, will it work on other OS? capacitive tough is definately the way to go. Have you tried Blumpit on it?

Mark Perrin

OlivierSeres said...

it looks like the one i've tested
low cost tooling and internal components (ie : Wi/BT USB dongle 3m reception range in Wifi) = unuseful gadget

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