Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Archos 5 IT gets Android 1.6 Donut upgrade



Android 1.6 "Donut": quick search box, power control widget, battery usage indicator screen, WVGA screen native support, VPN

ThinkFree Mobile 1.2: double-tap zoom in PDF, miscellaneous bug fixes and speed improvements

System: faster display in Archos Media Center applications
Storage: correct random hard disk disconnection while playing music or video
GPS: improved heading and velocity reports

Video improve H264 HD playback, fixes some streams that did not play at all
Video: allow to play some H264 SD tracks that were previously unsupported
Video: fix H264 streams with "weighted p" feature
Music: fix some Vorbis tags not read properly
Music: fix some ID3 tags not read correctly

Web Radio / Web TV: fix Archos media center sometimes crashing after finishing a podcast download
Media: both Archos media library and Android media library are now updated at the same time
GUI: added support for Turkish virtual keyboard

Cool! Archos is clearly trying hard.

.. but this upgrade will kill the market hack so wait few for a fix if needed.

UPDATE: Update may have been pulled!!?? Let's wait if it gets back. Mirrors anyone?

UPDATE2: From Archos site:

Instead of 1.6 they have released v 1.4.25

Download archos5_r1.6.08

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Charbax said...

Let's wait a bit, there might have been some kind of bug, or perhaps Google phoned them and told them they could include the Marketplace now officially.

Anonymous said...

i have a mirror if you want one... send me a mail kaiouncharles [@]

Biz said...

Warning with this firmware :

Anonymous said...

Off Topic-
MultiTouch in Linux Kernel
news - demo video

Anonymous said...

I received the Archos Donut update last night. It took a while for me to reconnect to my internet settings, but other than that, everything seems to work fine. My biggest complaint: losing all the previously downloaded apps and ebooks I had.

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