Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Motorola Milestone (Gsm Droid) first impressions. First 24 hours

Filmed and uploaded with Motorola Milestone

Test pics:

Having fun.. More soon..

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Anonymous said...

Have you found any focusing problems when taking pictures?
Lots of inital complaints were that the Droid simply would not focus correctly
I wonder if it is user error?

For example I get focus issues with my N97 (renowned for good picture taking) if I try to take instant shots

The cure is to hold the camera button 'halfway', wait for the camera to focus (GREEN box) then fully depress to capture

Is this the same for the Droid?

Pictures look nice BTW


JKK said...

Pics look nice as Steve took the good ones ;)

.. Yes, it works the same, press a bit for focus and then to bottom.

Anonymous said...

One good tip to test out how good the phone is at taking pictures:

Try taking a few shots of trees against a bright daytime sky. After taking the photos examine the branches. If you see purple fringes then the quality is not so good. It's a known common fault with digital cameras used on phones

JKK said...

Thanks for the tip!

.. I will test that when we get the sun and sky back.. in 3 to 4 months ;) .. It's dark winter time here in Finland

Anonymous said...

Hey JKK,

in the Video you ask how to turn off the Sound of the Shutter-Sound wehn you are taking a picture with the Camera of the Phone. As far as I know, it's (legaly) not possible to turn the sound of (on this German device). As far as I know on the German Mobile-Phones with Camera the Sound has to be always there by law because of bad things happend with Mobile-Phone-Cameras in Germany. I am not 100% sure of that but that's my last knwolege about that. If you want to, I will check if this still is the case here in Germany if you want to. But I am sure there will be a hack available soon :)

Greetings from Germany (near Aachen)
Holzwurm (Markus)

Anonymous said...

It seems you have audio trouble in the video you just did...a friend of mine suggested getting isolated audio cables, but I think it's probably your microphone...it seemed particularly bad on this video.

Just a heads up.

Also, thanks! It's great to see the various features demoed =]

JKK said...

yep.. mic is dead.. will be fixed..

sf said...

how does it handle multitasking in comparison to webOS & Maemo? specifically, how does it handle switching between apps.

im doubting its very graceful since Android still seems a bit clunky.

Martin said...

can you tell us when your smartphone-comparison will be ready ?

Web Solutions said...

Its simply amazing!

Anonymous said...

How you get nordic ä, ö and å. Same way than Htc dream, ä long press a and ö long press o. Great rewiev!

Anonymous said...

Im also intrested in if you do get the nordic letters on the keyboard

Volker said...

Hej, is there a second Cam for Video Skyping?

JKK said...

To get Ä or Ö you need to pres and hold a or o.

It opens small window to choose the right one ( press and hold a for Ä and Å etc )

Anonymous said...

Do the two lower left/right blank keys do anything? Are they actual keys?


JKK said...

lower left/right blank keys are blank keys.. so no functions nor clicky.

Anonymous said...

Hi! When you are making the next video about the Motorola Milestone, could you give a _complete_ tour around the normal calendar? All the view possibilities of the calendar in portrait and landscape mode, and landscape mode both when the slider keyboard is open and closed. Also could you show all the different calendar widgets that are in the phone as a default?


- Teemu

Mike Barnes said...


engadget had some issues with the Droid in their review - some nasty graphics (poor sizing), slow speeds on some apps, they didn't rate the speed of the browser and cited some rendering issues, and they found the camera painful. Having played longer, do you agree with them?



JKK said...

No speed problems here..

.. i'm not good judge for the cam as i hate all phone cams.. i think it's as good to use as any phone cam. Shutter button is a plus compared to some devices without it.

togusa said...

Could you try layar 3.0 please ?

And also launch a beautiful android game to see the power of the processor :)

Jerry said...

JKK havent visited the site in a while. Came by just to see what's new, and as usual you are on top of your game. You give us the first looks on the gadgets us "geeks" really want to see. Keep the good work!!!


Anonymous said...

How good/strong is signal/reception? please

Anonymous said...

Hi JKK, are you able to access all the paid apps in the Android Market on the Milestone? Some German users who bought SIM free units from amazon.de seem to be having problems and can only see free / unprotected apps.

JKK said...

Singnal is good.. no problems.

I cant access paid apps from Finland.. so I can't really test.

Anonymous said...

Hi JKK, I'm Bruno from France
This video is one of the best i have seen about the milestone. Thanks. You speak slowly (cool to understand..I'm french !) with a realistic user point of view. In France it's to be released the 15th of december but I'm still hesitating : Milestone or Sony Ericsson Xperia 2 ? What's your opinion ? The screen scratch test of Milestone is impressioning.

NiLPv said...

Very nice video preview/review whatever.

keep up the good work man , I am really enjoying all of your videos that i've watched recently!

all the best from Sofia , Bulgaria ! :)

Anonymous said...

New hack for google nav europe was released today.

M4NN4 said...


Thanks very much for another excellent video review. I had my Motorola Milestone delivered last week and I've had to return it back to the retailer because of in-call problems

Basically I can hear the other party, but they had a tough time hearing me as my voice would constantly go up and down in volume and a lot of words were completely missing.

I am expecting a replacement but was wondering how you found the in-call perfomance of the Milestone. Any complaints from the other side during a call?

Thanks JKK and please keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

Hello I am trying to use touchscreen for the first time and i just one to know that if i use screen protecter on touchscreen then will it respond perfectly or not???

Anonymous said...

Thanks JKK for nice videos about milestone. It definitely made my choice easy :)

Jasper. said...

JKK, I currently own a nokia n810 Internet Tablet, and really like the qwerty-keyboard.

The one on the milestone looks kind of similar.

Would you say it is about the same?


JKK said...

keyboard is similar.. a bit smaller but even better feedback.

fift said...

Hi,great vid! ;)
I`d like to ask, comparing milestones performance to Nexus, which one is better? Actually how much is snapdragon better than omap in Motorola? Because I`m thinking about buying this Mot, but I`m worried about its performance, don`t want to buy new phone because of it`s not catch up new applications or versions of Android. Thanks. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi,great vid! ;)
I`d like to ask, comparing milestones performance to Nexus, which one is better? Actually how much is snapdragon better than omap in Motorola? Because I`m thinking about buying this Mot, but I`m worried about its performance, don`t want to buy new phone because of it`s not catch up new applications or versions of Android. Thanks. ;)

swivel sweeper said...

I just got the new Moto Verizon Droid and I would like to put iTunes library onto Droid to replace my iPhone. Does anyone know how to transfer iTunes music TV shows movies to Droid? I've already tried Motorola Media Link...did'nt work, I slso want to transfer iPod music to Droid Milestone, any help?

Unknown said...


First of all, thanks tonnes for the review and information on the Milestone (Canadian Version of Droid). Awesome!

I have a couple of specific questions that I hope you will answer:

1. File Management - can you save files and create directory structure?

2. I'm sure there's a pdf viewer, but I will not assume. Is there a pdf viewer?

3. Office documents - can you view/edit excel and word files, or equvalant?

4. Personal Audio Messages - can you record and save audio messages? If so, does this require an external microphone or does it make use of the built-in mic?

I appreciate you answering these questions. I am trying to clarify is this unit will be an effective and practical personal, media and business device.

Thanks again.


Anonymous said...


Is there any software for document editing purposes, available and compatible with milestone 2.1?

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