Thursday, December 03, 2009

How-to: Google Navigation ( turn by turn ) to Motorola Milestone

UPDATE2: working again! UPDATE1: Google killed it


1. Open Market - search SpeechSynthesis Data Installer - install

2. Download maps3.3.1-by-directions-root-2.apk from here to your computer

3. Copy maps3.3.1-by-directions-root-2.apk to Milestone with USB cable

4. Install it on Milestone ( use any file explorer to open it, I used AndExplorer )

5. Enjoy!

You now have 2 Maps applications ( new one appears as M4ps when opening map links etc. ), one with Navigation and one without..

Get the cool laucher app I used on my first impressions video too

All credit to XDA-Developers!

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Alex said...

Is there any way to use the google navigation without having a data plan? I don't need to go online all the time, most time I have wifi access, so I would prefer a navigation software that runs offline, like the motonav. Is that possible with google navigation as well?

JKK said...

Sorry but nope.. u need to be connected all the time.

Anonymous said...

do you have access to protected apps ? i've read on the forums that SIM FREE Milestones are not on the whitelist and blocked from viewing\downloading protected apps. Can you confirm ?

Anonymous said...

New hack for google nav was released today.

@Alex, on the G1 you can use google nav without data and it might also be possible on the droid.
Turn on google nav and wifi, go on balcony to pick up satalite signal, insert your destination. once the google nav has given you the route, switch the phone into airplane mode. you will have no phone but google nav will still work.

Also this week, the droid/milestone has been rooted.

Lelle said...

Are the steps updated or are they the old method which Google killed? Thanks!

Dave said...

jkk, thanks for the letting us know it's working again. I've just got my UK Milestone and the hack for Google Navigation works fine for me.

Unknown said...

Thanks for this!

Does this also mean that the Droid's car dock mode works?


Anonymous said...

does this use the data in my data plan

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

jkk is my hero! Haven't been able to follow all the steps yet to make maps and other apps work, but I know I will. I think you guys are geniuses! I was so frustrated I broke down and ordered an expensive Garmin Nuvi... I'm going to be sending it back... soooon! what a happy day! Thank you so much! -Arte

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