Monday, December 21, 2009

Intel Next-Generation Atom: Even better battery life, less heat

In short:

- 10 inch screen netbook that used to have 7 to 8 hour battery life could now go for 10 hours with 1.66Ghz N450 Atom ( with 63Wh 6-cell battery )

- performance is about the same with a bit better graphics power ( GMA 3150 vs GMA 945 on N280 )

- fanless design easier

- smaller size could enable it to be used also on bigger UMPCs ( still 7W TDP compared to 4.3W on 1.33Ghz menlow system )

We should see piles of new devices at CES.

First ones already tested, here is what Joanna highlights on Asus Eee PC 1005PE

Intel Announces Next-Generation Atom Platform

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Anonymous said...

If they can get 12 hours of battery life out of a 10" tablet type device ... then that'd be a major plus in the Atom's favor. I could see a Mac OS X based 10" tablet, with pixelqi display for even more endurance, being a major player with that type of life span.

It would even start to make me question my preference for ARM over Atom. Imagine the Notion Ink with Atom CPU, PixelQi display, 12+ hours of battery life when just actively using the LCD mode (ie. 12 hours before you count the bennefit of the e-paper mode), multi-booting Android (or Android+Chrome), some flavor of Linux (perhaps I can dream of Maemo for such a device), and/or (if you're so inclined) Windows 7 ... and/or OS X if it's from Apple (or if you hackintosh it).

That could be a pretty impressive device.

Small Laptops said...

@johnkzin I agree with your comments on the battery life of netbooks. I think it's only a matter of time before a 11"-12" screen becomes the norm. Bit larger in size but beefier in performance.

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