Friday, September 21, 2007

Follow up on Asus R3 UMPC

If the screen is 4.8 inches it would mean it's about 160 mm x 80 mm... about the size of Sony PSP..

Click for high resolution picture

889 x 488 pixels

2806 x 1518 pixels

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Anonymous said...

If that thing has a 4.8" screen, that makes the fingerprint reader about 6mm wide. The readers on my Libretto and my Fujitsu are both exactly 1cm wide.

If the reader on the Asus is 1cm wide, then you're looking at closer to a 7" screen, not a 5"...

(if that funny yellow stripe on the right side is actually a fingerprint reader...)

Anonymous said...

the reader in asus rh2 is about 7 mm wide.. and it looks the same reader....

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