Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Amtek T770 UMPC with SSD and HSDPA

Click to see the video and pictures

New stand

Back cover open

Hard drive of

IDE to cf adapter and usb hsdpa modem

all inside, sticker antenna on top center.

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Anonymous said...

Nice Mods!
Which hsdpa modem did you use? Where did you get that internal antenna, it looks nice! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi jkk.

What brand/manufacturer of IDE to CF adapter is it?

From the photograph, it seems to have cables other than the ususal 40 pin IDE connector. What is that?

What is your estimate on the battery life improvement due to using the CF card?

JKK said...

Hsdpa modem is Zadacom 3g+, antenna is something i designed for another project.

I still have those antennas, so if there is a need, i can try to make a way to sell em...

Cf ide drive is from Pretec, with normal ide connector.

Batterylife has improved 10% to 15% as flash uses less power and hsdpa uses less than wifi.

Anonymous said...

What did you connect the HSDPA module to and how did you securely mount it?

JKK said...

Hello Rod!

I used double sided tape... a good one for hot electronics.

Anonymous said...

Nice. So you wired the HSDPA module to a USB port? Or swapped out the wifi card to connect to a mini PCI express slot?

JKK said...

Yep, i wired the hsdpa to webcams usb cable as i dont use it.

I took the main power for the hsdpa from hard drives +5v pin as it needs more than usb can give ( it needs up to 2A sometimes and usb gives only 0.5A)

Wifi card on t770 is usb so there are no pci-e slots...
...that would be too easy ;)

lurch said...

I would be very interested in such an antenna!! :-) Could you put them on e-bay or something similar?

Cheers, Martin

Anonymous said...

I'm planning to buy the 770 - any chance you'd sell a kit on ebay with a step-by-step instructions and your antenna?

Thanks, Troy

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