Monday, September 17, 2007

LifeBook® U810 now available

For $999. There is some options and accessories too... Docking Cradle for $80 and extra 4 cell battery for $80... not bad.

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KiwiCam said...

It really does make me laugh when I read Fujitsu's specs. In particular the battery life of up to 5.5 hours. How do they get such a good battery life? By using Windows XP and NOT Vista, which it comes with. I quote "Workloads performed upon systems with battery life setting enabled on Windows® XP operating systems." How misleading is that?

KiwiCam said...

Actually. I must admit, it is a very good price. JKK? Based on your experience with the U810 and the Kohjinsha SH8, which has the better battery life? Just how difficult is it to use the keyboard on the U810? Also, which device do you prefer between the two? Thanks.

JKK said...

The real use battery life is about 4+ hours with this 4cell battery.

SH8/6 has same battery life with 6 cell battery.

I'd take SH for its bigger screen and soft touch.

KiwiCam said...

Thanks for responding JKK. As much as I do like the small form factor, I think the SH8 is a better option for me.
1) Do you think that the 6 cell battery makes much of a difference when using the device? Have you tried your Kohjinsha with the 6 cell?
2) Were you using the Japanese keyboard when you reviewed the SH6? I'm used to the UK keyboard. Would there be much of a difference?

3) I saw in a previous blog that you swapped out that Amtek HD for a SSD. Do you know if it's possible to do the same with the SH8? A standard HD isn't really a problem for me, but I am curious.

JKK said...

1. i haven't tried.. Steve is getting one soon so you need to ask him then at

2. yep, I was using japanese.. uk would be better but it was not deal braker in any way.

3. yes u could do the same with sh8, but those flash drives made for os use are quite expencive.. mine is industrial and i think it cost some 400E..

KiwiCam said...

Thanks JKK.

I mainly had the idea of the SSD in mind for the future. I figure that, in a year or two, prices will have come down a lot and sizes increased dramatically. Seems like a nice way to help future proof such a device. Nice to know that it would be possible to swap one in.

Keep up the good work. Your website is awesome and your reviews are very thorough. I'm never disappointed when I view one of yours, unlike other blog's (a recent Aussie HTC Shift review comes to mind) which leave SO many questions unanswered. It makes me wonder sometimes just what these reviewers use their machines for.

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