Sunday, September 16, 2007

Samsung Q1 Ultra specs still misleading

I have heard too many times people buying Q1 Ultra and getting it without bluetooth even it was printed on the sales ad and Samsung product site.

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Both Samsung Q1 Ultra microsite and official pdf states bluetooth on model NP-Q1UAY01 but customers are getting it without!!!

Samsung: Please clean your act and specsheets !!

Please pass this info to others. Let's push Samsung to correct their facts and customer service.

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dev* said...

After returning my Q1U due to Samsung's inability to respond to my support request after three week of hounding by both myself and the vendor, I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau as well, complaining about the false advertising and poor service. They chose to simply ignore the complaint, maintaining their unsatisfactory status with the BBB - they only respond to around 50% of requests, which is abysmal for any company. For example, Dell, despite their shaky reputation, has people in their Texas offices dedicated to resolving each and every complaint with the BBB.

Quite simply, Samsung doesn't care. They have decent front line support, but beyond that they are mired in corporate bureaucracy and miserable project management. Level 1 and some of Level 2 support staff wasn't even aware that certain Q1U models had been released for several weeks. They accused me twice of having a press model rather than a legitimate retail unit.

Anonymous said...

NP-Q1UAY01 every website i have look at doenst show bluetooth on this model

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