Monday, December 10, 2007

Everex to sell their UMPC with Linux too. Target price $400!

We knew that Everex will be selling Via Nanobook as CE 260, but now they have revealed another version of it. It's codenamed as Cloudbook and will ship with the Google Apps-oriented "gOS" Linux. Priced at $400!

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Everex itself officially confirmed the Cloudbook's existence Tuesday, when a press release on another topic alluded to a "Cloudbook" UMPC with a 7-inch screen.

"Our source suggested that Everex would likely launch the Cloudbook at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas the week of Jan. 7, with consumer availability as soon as Jan. 15.",

Remember to check the video review of it's XP version.

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Anonymous said...

wow, $200 less price difference only because less ram and it has linux!

this things should all come with some kind of linux.

that way no need to pay the m$ tax

Ubuntu is my current favorite, but am opened to other good linux aternatives

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