Friday, December 28, 2007

Wibrain B1 dissected

It wasn't me, it was fcc..

Click to see the pix

Place for Siemens HSDPA modem on the right..

SIM slot and RAM slot on the left..

Thanks again FCC

Via Engadget

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Anonymous said...

Have you noticed on the bottom of the Wibrain that it says "I-Station"? That seems to suggest that is going to be released in the USA in greater numbers via Digital Cube's I-Station brand.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the information.
Did you know what is this in this photo?


Is it the Siemens HSDPA modem?

JKK said...

It's the wifi module...

Siemens hsdpa looks like this:

Anonymous said...

Can anyone find the LCD Model number, please? Can anyone read the numbers on the back of the LCD?


Anonymous said...

Thanks JKK,
I got your information on the module differences now.
Thanks again.

Anonymous said...


According to the parts list on the FCC page it's the LTS480WS-C01 LCD module by Samsung:

Anonymous said...

I think, the second and the lower photo of the motherboard are not same device. On the upper picture, there isnt a sim slot, however the lower there is.

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