Saturday, December 15, 2007

Video Review: Asus Eee PC with XP

Typically Linux gets installed to UMPCs as "non original" os, but this time it's the other way. This is my video review of Asus Eee PC 4G with Windows XP Pro.

Click to see the video

Link to 6 cell battery picture I talked on the video

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Anonymous said...


enkel said...

thank you for the good work.

your my offitial eeemasterchief

31stfreak said...

very nice and helpful review. might actually convert mine to XP since a lot of apps that i use are windows-dependent or win-based. thanks again!

Anonymous said...

you could use something like a slimmed down version of XP for better performance, and more free space.

Anonymous said...

best video i've seen yet, thank you very very very much! could you please test if you can clock the cpu to 900 mhz in bios? because that's the standard clock you know.

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