Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Nice design for UMPC or MID

4.8" TFT (800 x 400), 60GB, Windows CE 5.0 Pro.. 84 x 157.7 x 24.4mm

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UPOP Via PMPToday.com


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Anonymous said...

highly interesting.

now, whats the browser they are going to use?

the screen is up there with the N800/N810, and with the keyboard and screen like on the shift...

only problem that i can see, no bluetooth. so no net connection ones out of wifi range!

Anonymous said...

Why not a single picture of it closed?

JKK said...

here is plenty more pix: http://www.pmpinside.com/ws_root/brd/view.php?id=inside_focus&no=244

Anonymous said...

this will be my next gadget once it comes into the market. the design is great and i love it have one of this soon but i wish theres should be wifi and bluetooth so i can consider this will be the universal gadget of the year

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