Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My first touch with HTC Shift

Just few hours ago I got to test HTC Shift, the dual OS hybrid UMPC. It was production model, so it should be the final version.

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First impressions: Solid quality finish, metal on the front, similar to N810. Size felt just right for me. Slider was ok, but a bit clunky. It felt a bit heavier than Asus Eee.

Second impressions: Screen is bright and clear. It has best interpolated 1024 x 600 mode I have seen. It responded ok, touch screen worked really good but felt a bit soft. Thumb typing in slider mode was not that good.. it should be a bit less wide. Typing on laptop mode was fine but the keyboard is really small.. ok for me. Stylus is tiny. Hinges/rails felt even more clunky and loose as i started to really test the usage modes... they didn't look that strong either. That tiny mouse pad is useless.. i wish they had used synaptics pointer.

Final impressions: It felt really good multi use umpc. Slate mode is really good, specially if you haven't got used to pointer mouse.. one hand holding it, on hand typing urls etc. was ok.. felt a bit heavy like that. Connectivity is super with hsdpa, wifi and bt.

Bad battery life (- 2 hours), limited WM side and hinge/slider clumsiness keeps me still thinking if I'm going to buy it. I'm now actually happy it's not out yet, as now we can see what's coming from CES. If it had been out earlier, i would have bought it without testing..

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what about XP on shift?

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