Friday, December 21, 2007

How to add touch panel to Asus Eee Pc

Click to see the video and pix

Panel dimensions: 165 mm x105 mm x 1 mm

Questions? Comments?

UPDATE: Asus will be making touch screen versions of Eee PC

My original touch screen post

How-to add 3G modem inside Eee PC

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How to add touch panel to Asus Eee Pc 900

How to add touch panel to Asus Eee Pc 901

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Anonymous said...

Video is dead.

Anonymous said...

Works via Youtube. Use the link.

JKK said...

should work fine now??

Anonymous said...

How much does the bezel bulge out?

JKK said...

it doesn't bulge...

You can see a small bend on top corners if you know what to look.

A picture here

Anonymous said...

man! jkk you R really crazy!
how can you rip this poor thing apart!

Anonymous said...

Please, is a good size this one?



JKK said...

178.7 mm is much wider than my 165 mm ..

.. it looks a bit too wide.

marcoeee said...

so for the hub wich allow to work camera and touchscreen u use camera on board connector, and that red wire is for 5v?
Why do you need that red wire on mobo too? from camera connector power is bad?

ciao :)

Anonymous said...

Just awesome.
Thank you so much!

Eee PC News

JKK said...

It was easier/faster to solder the 5v red cable to mainboard...

.. and it will be easier to move when I do more stuff.

I didn't test the webcam + pin so i dont even know if it's 3,3v or 5v...

I'll check that later.

Anonymous said...

Does the touch panel work if I install Window XP (Tablet PC Edition) ?

JKK said...

yes, it would work fine with xp te too..

just remember that xp te takes more room than xp

Lindworm said...

I think this one would be way to large, but would it fit into the case?
If it does this would be really nice.
Thanks for answering,jkk!
Greetings from Germany

Anonymous said...

I have exactly the same one on and it bulges. Take a look at the bulge pics:

JKK said...

how big it is?

it's not the same I have.. conroller looks the same.

Anonymous said...

169mm x 105mm x 1mm

Anonymous said...


thank you very mouch, video is great!

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Thanks for the Video, great Work, i´m thinking about doing it for myself too. But when i looked at the Video, one Question came in my Mind. Why didn´t you turn the Touchpanel at 180 Degrees, the Connectors would be on the right side and you don´t need to modify the wiring from the controller to the touchpanel. Is there any reason it should not work?

Greetings from Germany

JKK said...

yep, I could have turned the touchpanel 180 degrees, but i wantted to use longer wires as i might place the controller elsewhere later..

Anonymous said...

do i have to have windows xp in order to use the touchscreen or will that work with the current linux OS?

Fred said...

This is also my question: work's this touchscreen with the current linux or just with xp?

lindworm said...

This depends on the touchscreen, the Panels from have linux-drivers but thy are a bit larger than the one jkk used.

Jack said...

wow... you start the computer without the heatsink on! You could've fried your cpu!

Alex said...

this is an awesome up a noob at laptop and linux for that matter how possible you think it is for me to do the upgrade myself. oh yea one more question you think it would work with the easy mode pre installed or it would be better with xp/xpte

skuma said...

say i this is the only mod i do any way you think i would be able to keep the web cam and left speaker operational... Thanks :)

jkk said...

if u wan't to keep the cam and speaker then put the controller under the RAM slot and solder 2 usb wires to pcie bus pins showed here:

in this pic:

Anonymous said...

very good mod ;)
but what about multitouch screens??

skuma said...

thank you i was actually leaning towards that. As far as the power cable(red wire?) i just extend to where you have it? Thanx again

momomo said...

Your next Mod should be to change the hinge on the screen. This will allow the screen to be turned a full 180 degrees so you can turn the eee into just a tablet machine.

This will be the coolest tablet out there.

The keyboard will be on the underside however you can put a blanking plate on that.

Alex said...

hey guys on ebay there is a person selling a kit and he says the dimetions are 164.3 mm x105.6mm you think that half a mill will make a difference since in the video it looks like a snug fit

codedmind said...

Hy there!

Do you buy one, put somethings and then sell one to me?

That would be great :D
How can i contact you?


Anonymous said...

you did an amazing job - im deeply impressed by the touchscreen and even more by the eee :-)

TZZ said...

The LinTX 165mm x 105mm looks up to the task. Drivers for XP, Mac OSX and Linux are available here,

Anonymous said...

According to some posts on, the LinTX kit's controller board does not fit in the bezel.

Thanh said...

Maybe you should put the finger print reader on the other side. It would be a shame to remove the touchscreen. =) Cheers


izzoh said...

i need the ebay nr from the touchscreen i wanne try it too ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jkk wat touchscreen kit u using?
saw from one website that they selling TK700-5WUSB - Xenarc 7’’ Inch USB 5-Wire Resistive Touchscreen Kit which claims to be the same as wat u using.

Anonymous said...


Is it possible to install a larger panel in the EeePC?

Anonymous said...

On Sale Here!!!

Anonymous said...

on sale here!!!

Anonymous said...

Is the above ebay link reliable and compatible?

yebo said...

Would the "Surf" models have that USB connector you are using?

Except for the stronger battery - why not use/buy "Surf" when you don't need webcam?

C.K. said...

hey, thanks for this. I may be asking some questions if I run into any bumps along the way. Just got my touchscreen in and have installed the drivers and taped it to the front of my asus as a sort of "pre-installation test" and it's working great. Mine didn't come with a stylus though (boo) and the cable comes out the top. I noticed you can calibrate the screen to work upside down. Where is there more room for the cabling? Top / bottom?

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

I dont even have my eee but after your post I decided to install a touchscreen. Now I got the problem: which size I need, which effektive area size of the touch and how big should the TC be (max.)
I searched the whole inet (incl ebay) but I cant find a fitting TC, which I could buy here in germany so my next question to the german useres where can Ii get one which doenst bulge out.

Daniel said...

Hi man,

I would like to thank you for being so generous with your knowledge and posting a really awesome mod!!!

I am not a religious man, but if I were to erect an idol it would be dedicated to you. This looks really fun, and stunning.

Anonymous said...

is this a good person and will it work for the asus eee pc becuz i realy want to make my asus more cooler so i can show off to my friends ya

follow the link:

Anonymous said...

The tail ends of those EBay URLs
were truncated on my browser. In
case anyone else is having that
problem, the auction number is

Anonymous said...

Sorry. I couldn't find a bug report

The visual verification on the comments
page doesn't seem to display the check
word image in Seamonkey 1.1.6 under CentOS linux. Instead of a picture, there is text that says "Visual verification." It works f8ine with Firefox

stewarddj said...

I bought an 8G from Taiwan and imported it to the UK at Xmas. Really want to do the touchscreen modification although supply of 7" touch kits are difficult to get. As all the guides are using 4G model, am I at a disadvantage for space inside as my second PCIe slot has the 8G SSD installed to my knowledge??

CheeZ said...


C.K. said...

Hey, thanks again for this great mod. I did the same thing to mine. See here:

I didn't want to give up my cam though and my soldering skills are a bit weak, so I soldered the screen to the left hand USB port.

Anonymous said...

DARKGENERALCHAOS13: Can u use linksys usb or belken they look smaller then the wireless divies u usin ????

Anonymous said...

hey, does the touch screen work with linux?
i was planing on uploading mandriva to mine, will this still work okay? thnks

brb said...

hi,great job,
do you think would it be possible, to take out the display and make the wires 70cm longer and then set the display with a touch panel over somewhere else?
im thinking about if i use the display from the notebook as a car pc display or i will buy a standalone touch screen. would the electricity fine and all other things if i would do it like this?

akhudyakov said...

whats up ... big fan of what you done... attempting to do it my self now... one questions please you. do think i can get away with not taking off controller panel (the white part of the usb controller)... you know i don't want to mess it up before i even get started... any suggestions?

Alexandros said...

I have 1 question,
how does the lcd chassis(cover) fit(clip back on) after you added the touch panel?

I don't have the eee pc or a touch panel, (yet i am planning to buy them soon) so i don't know the dimensions.

Does the chassis fit around the touch panel?

Kjetil Hetland said...


Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

You said in the video that you did not have the time to do this for others(for compensation of course)

Will you let us know WHEN you have the time?



Martin said...

Good Job! :)

Aladdin said...


I don't want to use the webcam port, I need it. Do you know if there is another port I can use?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the vid :)

Anonymous said...

A Picture is worth a thousand words. Just ordered my EeePC 900 and sites / vids like yours make it a lot easier to understand. Thanks.

Too much of a novice to ask any "real" questions, but:

a.Removing the microphone, as you did,
should leave you with "mono" and still retain "stereo" via the audio jack (correct?)

b. One commented about LINUX. Are all Linux drivers compatible with the variety shipped with the EeePC

Again, thanks for your efforts and any answer, if you are not too busy.

filipe said...

Hi do you have an email, I need our services... you´re damn good

please reply


Anonymous said...

Theres a new Asus out called the EEE PC 1000 and 1000H and they are the same but one has a hard disk, youve seen it yet?

Anonymous said...

can you give me a link to the drivers because i tried this: and they work only on the right side of the screen ;/ 25point calibration doesnt work :/

Anonymous said...

How many wires did you use for the USB Port of the Controller.

Is it one pair Data+/Data- or are there 2 pairs?

Anonymous said...

Can I do it to my "normal" flat-screen?

Anonymous said...

hello, is possible use this kit for eee pc 900???(not 901)

Anonymous said...

Heii,, very nice video you've made! :D

I have plans to do the same, but just with a fujitsu siemens Lifebook C - 6637 ... and i've got alots of questions.

- where do i get the touch screen from?
(and would it cost to much)
- and how do i make it to a touch screen?
- Hope you can help me mate!

Selaiman Fazli Denmark


Anonymous said...

can you show me the contek of the controller and the kabel from thr cam port please

Marve said...

Hey, I commented on one of your vids. I want to know whether this works on the Asus ee pc 1000HE, or if theres a 10'' one available. Please direct me accordingly.
After viewing your video, I'm interested in finding out if theres one similar available on the 1000HE since i'm going to be buying one in a couple days, and think it would be excellent to have touch screen on there.
by the way, on the 1000HE, does the screen go as far back as the 901?

Anonymous said...


Sameer Segal said...


I randomly landed on your website through some google searches and for the last few hours (almost 3hrs) I have been going through all the content - videos, articles, how-tos. Thank you so much!!

I had a quick question, can I use any 4/5 wire touch screen on my netbook (HP mini 1000) or do I have to use a specific one? Vendors in India are pushing me towards SAW screens. What do you recommend - I am building a touch sensitive educational aid kit.


Anonymous said...

I bought some asus eee pc 701, with a similar touch screen.
I don`t know how it is built in, because I bought it 2nd hand.

Can I remove the touch screen, and get an original asus eeepc again?
Or is that not possible?

Maybe someone can explain why I can or can`t remove the touch screen?

Thanks in advance,


Anonymous said...

I bought a touchscreen from Ebay -HongKong seller..DEFECTIVE (Worse customer service.. will write a bad review later)
Avoid seller ; Alison_yeap like the plage..

Anyway, I have a
Eeepc 900 (Celeron) version that DID NOT come with a camera built in. It has the socket on mb for it, but the bios does not have the option either.

I installed it and the notebook powers on for a sec, then powers off. Contacted lame seller because the included instructions sucked and it didn't even come with the extra usb connectors to use.
"She" suggested soldering it directly to usb port. So after that , it comes on and says
"USB Device Over Current Status Detected "
What ever that means.

Will it work on this model? Can anyone suggest a seller?


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