Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Nokia N810 in da house

Last time was not that good so as I got this one as a loaner, I need to do second look and review..

Continue reading..

.. if I get a chance, as JJK thinks it's his!

btw. he is also very mobile... maybe there will be jjkmobile some day...

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Anonymous said...

I'm blown away that a company would make a internet table product so mobile, but then limit it's own capabilities to wifi. It's like a bad joke. I have no time to go out of my way to find hotspots. Either it's mobile anywhere, or it's not.

I saw what you did with the to take on the challenge to mod the n810 for evdo rev a if it's even possible? ;)

Anonymous said...

I'll anonymously second what anonymous there asked.

I'm going to put together my ultimate mobile computing device. And although I love the robustness of the eee, I would rather get my internet/phone(VoIP)/mp3-listening/notetaking taken care of on something that roughly fits in my pocket.

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