Friday, February 08, 2008

DreamBook Light IL1, laptop UMPC for $499

One more player to inexpencive mobile computing segment..

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Based on VIA reference design but with multiple options.

7'' TFT; 800*480
VIA C7-M 1.0Ghz, Up to 1GB RAM
USBx2, Headphone out, Mic-in, DC-in
3-in-1, SD/MMC/MS

Option 1: NAND flash 2GB, 4GB or 8GB
Option 2: 1.8''HDD 40G PATA/80G PATA
2 cell LiFePO4, 183665 x 2,( 3600mA, 6.5V)
4 cell Li-Ion, 18650x4 (4800mA, 7.4V)
6 cell Li-Ion, 18650x6 (7200mA, 7.4V)
6 cell LiFePO4, 18650x6 (5100mA, 6.5V)-- TBD

244mm x 172mm x 28.5mm

Their marketing say: "Ready for Windows Vista with 40G HD. Asus EeePC's killer (Asus won't work with Vista)."

Would we want Vista with 1Ghz VIA ???? I wouldn't.


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Al said...

Higher resolution please.

Unknown said...

Hey JKK,
I was looking at the specs - and $499 AUS doesn't even get you WIFI ($29AUS option) or a built-in webcam ($35AUS option) I'll stick to my Asus EEE PC thanks.

Pat (from Australia)

Anonymous said...

Why don't they build one with a bigger screen! Same for EEE - I would have one in a flash if they had 1024x768 res and larger screen!

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