Sunday, February 17, 2008

Very nice looking UMPC design on video.

Click to see the video

It was done as a college project by Umang Dokey

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Anonymous said...

dont see anything holding the screen in place . they could have gone into a bit more detail on how the mechanism would work

JKK said...

I think it is just a consept design which doesn't need to work.. a good looking one.

Anonymous said...

Great design, I am wondering if it is a 7 or 5 inch display?.. I like the music in the video, does anyone recognize it?

Anonymous said...

bad design , i have to say, just looks nice because its thin. theres so little room to grip it when using it as a gaming design that it would cause a lot of stress in your hands. its overly complicated.. it does not even need the moving display .. if they just make it a normal laptop style you would hav great grip for the conttrols.

Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for posting my concept on your blog and thanks for the comments also, really appriciate it.

I've added my name and college details on youtube page.

Umang Dokey

RobMtl007 said...


I don't want to shock anyone but this UMPC from Samsung may be the real thing.

In Cebit 2007 there was a Twain company named Yashin, which demonstrated a UMPC with similar design.
The company never marketed their UMPC in 2007 as they say they would have.
But maybe Samsung got their hands on this UMPC and they will be marketing it.
Take a look at this video:

Regards Robert

JKK said...


Umang Dokey made this video as a college project. Read the comment before you..
It's not real...

btw. here is my video and pix about that us700

Anonymous said...

I've removed the brand name and uploaded a new video, cause it was creating confusion whether its a real product or not.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


JKK said...

It's ok, i understand. changed the video.

Thanks for telling here..

btw. have you seen my seen my "The Slate UMPC" design.

Anonymous said...

Your slate umpc looks really nice n professional.
I like the optical drive plus stand function.

Anonymous said...

Is UMPC design still common now days?

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