Wednesday, February 20, 2008

First Cloudbook user reviews: Girls like it.

First preorders are on they way so unboxing and user reviews are starting to appear..

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JamFish got hers: "I'm enjoying my Cloudbook. Though rough around the edges, I like the portability of the machine, and that I can have an easier handle on it than most laptops(the hole is actually more helpful for holding than people might think!)."

"The gOS(like on any developing Operating Systems), could use some tweaking, but, hasn't given me too many problems that I can't handle. Developers, or future Linux Developers for UMPC systems, should take notice of space."

Meredith is also having fun with her Cloudbook: "I bought this computer so that I wouldn’t have to lug around my 15-inch MacBook Pro at conferences. For that, this machine will definitely meet my needs. I can connect to the Web, I can use Open Office, and all on something that is ridiculously light."

"If this was someone’s primary computer, it would be a disaster. This is not something you’d want to use all the time and there are a lot of things that just plain don’t work right. But for me, it’s pretty much what I was looking for (other than the software issues). "

So the bottom line: It's a nice device but there are too many software related issues.

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