Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Otto Berkes, father of the Origami UMPC, talks about Asus Eee PC

"The Eee adheres to some of the core tenets of the ultra-mobile PC – a low-cost, highly mobile, full-fidelity companion computer. In fact, the Eee PC hits one of the key UMPC targets dead on; there’s one place where all of the other UMPC products missed – price."

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"Good product design is ultimately as much about what to leave out as what to include. And with the Eee PC, Asus got a number of things right that they got wrong with their R2H. It’s small enough to toss in a backpack or bag, light enough to carry all day, inexpensive enough to afford as a secondary computer."

Yep, and maybe having a real keyboard helps too...

Sweet spot, Otto Berkes’ weblog

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Anonymous said...

hmm, about that price thing, do microsoft have a mark-up on the tablet functions that is, imo, required to make any kind of sane use of a keyboard-less device?

i kinda recall them only being available in the more costly business version of vista, or the ultimate one thats even higher priced.

so if one wants to talk price, give a low cost os that can run on cheap, low-end hardware. right now, vista is neither, and i suspect that any kind of tablet or umpc edition of xp didnt go there either of one look at some device prices and what os they run...

yep, looking at the oqo model 2 on expansys, there is a jump from xp pro to xp tablet.

xp pro: £869.95
xp tab: £916.72

and thats on exact same hardware...

so yea, it should be cheap, but dont expect microsoft to help there...

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