Tuesday, February 19, 2008

HP laptop UMPC gets more real

Bigger than i thought but maybe this is not the one they talked...

UPDATE: It is getting even more real

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"8.9-inch 1366 x 766 (WXGA) display, ExpressCard/54 slot, Wireless LAN, nearly full-sized QWERTY (95% of full), integrated webcam, and optional SSD in a 2.5-pound anodized aluminum sex pot running Vista or Linux."

It's a bit too big as a UMPC ( about 260 - 280mm wide ) but if HP marketing calls it UMPC then it's UMPC...

Hope we get more info soon to make it official. (if it is real.. )

UPDATE: I just talked with Steve about Bjorn's post at VIAs UML blog.. Bjorn is saying "While I can't make any comments about which platform HP would be using for a UMPC.. ". That sounds like VIA cpu/chipset on HP UMPC.. doesn't it?

So if HP desided to use cheaper components and target for high volumes, we could see a really nicely priced device.

Thanks Engadget.com

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RobMtl007 said...


Personally I consider a UMPC with a screen size between 4.5 to 6 inchs with a slide out keyboard and has the CPU(1.2 ghz or better) power to run Windows XP.
Hopefully priced below $600.00US

Clam shape type UMPC's are smaller versions of LapTops.

My 2 cents

Regards Robert

Anonymous said...

What is HP thinking? That is a laptop not a UMPC. What they should have done is taken their proven popular HP Jornada 720 design and stuffed UMPC technology inside. I would love to buy a clamshell UMPC as I hate thumb keyboard with a passion!

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