Thursday, February 07, 2008

Gigabyte M704 available soon

This updated version of U60 has now 1024 x 600 screen and 1.2Ghz VIA cpu..

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Their design has changed too, but the mini mouse pad is still there. I'd like Synaptics pointer more..


LCD 7” TFT-LCD 1024 × 600, with LED backlight
Chipset VIA VX-700 UniChrome Pro Core
Memory DDR2-533, 768MB
HDD 1.8 inches 40/60GB
CAMERA 1.3M pixel CMOS web-cam
USB 2.0 (two ports), SD / MMC / SD-IO
VGA output, 802.11 b / g, Bluetooth
3 hour battery life
Size 190 x 120.8 x 30.3 mm 120.8 x 190 x 30.3 mm
Weight 780g

Gigabyte will be at Cebit next month so we should see more of it then.


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Anonymous said...

i wonder abouthe thickness. the u60 was the fattest umpc .

RobMtl007 said...

Greetings JKK:

Is there any information about price?

Regards Robert

Al said...

This device looks so nice. I totally want the gigabyte M704. I just wish it had the sweet eeepc price on it. Considering the U60 is $1,144.95 I don't think this will be a cheap device. Heck I didn't spend more than $1000 on my desktop replacement dell.


Anonymous said...

to anonymous:
U60 was not and is not the fattest-for instance Flipstart is fatter

to al and others:
don't wait for m704.I've got my u60 for $930 from mobileplanet(expansys-usa).the specs are same-they have a typo in description: proc is in fact 1.2Ghz (not 1.0) and hdd is 40Gb not 30(almost half of it is hidden-no big deal-boot to DOS and wipe it clean if desired)

Anonymous said...

What's with all of these UMPC's having VGA out? HDMI so we can drive modern displays please.

Anonymous said...
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