Monday, May 12, 2008

Asus Eee PC 900 available in USA now

It's still in stock on some places so if you have been waiting for it, horry!
Black versions are still not available... hmm.. Xp version seems to be cheaper? 20GB Linux White 12GB XP Home White

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Anonymous said...

Why is The Linux version more expensive ?
The extra SSD capacity in the Linux version does not justify the price discrepancy.
It looks like Asus has done a backroom deal with Microsoft to screw us, the consumers.
You can keep your EEEPC Asus, I'll buy my cheap ultraportable from your competition.

Unknown said...

The Linux and XP models are the same price, $549, at
They are also the same price at although slightly higher at $549.99

JKK said...

yep, Bryce... it looks like specific thing..

Péter Előd said...

CELERON 430 1.7 GHZ????

What's this? Is this true?

JKK said...

Peter: nope... it's typo.

Anonymous said...

In Australia the Linux version is $649.00 while the XP Version is only $599.00.

See this article from the main PC Tech magazine here in Australia:

Anonymous said...

Sorry, the hyperlink does not fit

Anonymous said...

what about pictures of a 900 mod with Touch Screen...

Has anyone done this yet... and is it possible to do with the space that the screen takes up now?

Anonymous said... has the black or white ones listed on their web site (preorders, but they are talking about a way to get a black one):

and here is a place that lists many places to get an Eee PC 900 (plus they review some EeePC like machines that jkk has not yet reviewed:

Unknown said...

The Asus Eee PC 900 is available in Canada now, actually it was available yesterday at They sold out of the Linux version on Wednesday and are currently only showing 1 XP model left. Both models are $549.99 Canadian.

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