Tuesday, May 13, 2008

MSI Wind US specs and prices

10 inch screen laptop for $399.. Not bad!

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$399 Linux version:

10 inch 1024 x 600 screen
1.6Ghz Atom with 512MB RAM
3 cell battery / 2.5 hrs
1.2 kg 260 mm x 180 mmm x 31 mm
Novel’s SUSE Linux

$549 XP version:

10 inch 1024 x 600 screen
1.6Ghz Atom with 1GB RAM
6 cell battery / 5.5 hrs
1.3 kg 260 mm x 180 mmm x 31 mm
XP Home

Four different colors, including black, white, silver, and pink.

No 8.9 inch version for US

Laptop Magazine

Via jkOnTheRun

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Mithinco said...

This is an Eee killer! I'm totally going to bite on this one. Asus finally has a real competitor.

Argh, why does the Linux and XP versions have to different hardware? The Linux version should get the 1gb of ram and bluetooth and why only 10 inch screen and not 8.9?

niels said...

The 10" version is exactly what I've been longing for. The dimensions of the Wind seem to hint that its keyboard will be much more usable than that of the Eee which is torture if you have to write more than a couple of paragraphs. I sold my Eee after a couple of months because it simply wasn't worth the hassle.

I think the 10" hits a happy medium between portability (1,2 kg isn't heavy at all) and a usable computing experience (ie. web surfing without horizontal scrolling.)

JKK said...

Niels, it's keys are just 1mm bigger than Eee PCs.. there is just more keys..

1.2kg waight was with 3 cell battery.. so it will weight about 1350 to 1400g with that 6 cell

If you are looking for best in class keyboard, I think you should be looking HP Mini-Note

Anonymous said...

What are those five squares on the side pc? It's not the USB ports. It's looks the size of a ethernet, but the I already see the ethernet on the other side where the card reader is. Does anyone know what those are?

Anonymous said...

They are the exhaust vents.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad the Wind is materializing, for the sole reason that it may drive the price of the Eee 900 down a bit. I understand cost and profit and all that, but it's getting a bit steep. The HDD in the Wind is actually a negative in my mind; I'm ready to go SSD in my laptop.

Anonymous said...

and yet again bluetooth is only available on the windows machine.

i just dont get it...

Petrolias Christopher said...

Do you think that the Msi Wind will be faster or slower than the EEE pc 900? and I am asking that because of the SSD the EEE has and because you have mention that the Atom will perform equally to the Celeron the EEE carries, will the HDD compared to the SSD drive make the whole difference in performance giving a thump up in EEE pc or the Bluetooth, good battery life, 80 gig more space and bigger screen (for some people), make a keeel?

Petrolias Christopher said...

Here is a comparison in dimensions to get a better idea. I think I still like the Asus


Anonymous said...

Size chart:

Black MSI Wind pics:

MSI Wind box & slipcovers:

Anonymous said...

does anyone know when will be this NB available in europe?

Woodsy said...

I'm assuming you'll be reviewing the MSI Wind asap?!
Enjoyed your EEE PC 900 review.

Anonymous said...

is the linux version upgradeable? Ram-wise?

Anonymous said...

I think the Atom 1.6ghz will be with HyperThreading. In any case the 1.6ghz is considered to be marginally faster than the Celeron M. The SSD has great access time. Check some hd tune benchmarks in forum.eeeuser.com and in the technews.gr forum.

Anonymous said...

The MSI Wind looks nice, but the criteria which are important are *very* small size, weight of 1kg or less, (Linux) and an SSD drive which is more shockproof than a HDD. The Wind may a bit too big, may weigh too much, and if they leave out the SSD MSI are doing themselves a huge disfavour.
However the Wind is interesting but first I would like to wait for general user opinions AFTER they have used it. The Eee PC 900 has received extremely favourable review so the Wind has to be on par or better to persuade me to go for it.

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