Friday, May 16, 2008

Unboxing and hands-on with Aigo MID

Joe has been playing with Aigo MID and posted his findings.. Aigo MID uses the same hardware as Gigabyte M528, but it has Midinux OS where M528 has Ubuntu Mobile

Click to see the video and pictures

"I have never play a small X86 device likes this. Compact, Stylish, Innovative and Entertaining.

The Midinux GUI is easy to play, easy to learn and easy to use (Hahaa~~). Most of the application you need may find in this small device.

The Intel Atom Z500 is not a high performance processor but seems work smoothly in Midinux (and Windows XP). All the thing govern my orientation to get one is the price!!"

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Unknown said...

OK, thw WOW is back, what would be the battery life on these new MID's any idea, a 2700 ma would be 3 hours tops on must UMPC, so what can we expect from the AIGO

JKK said...

I was hoping good batteery life too but it looks like only 2 hours...

We should get more info soon..

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