Saturday, May 24, 2008

MSI Wind U100 dissected

Click to see the pictures

That 2.5 inch disk sure looks big on it.. If understood right, the RAM is soldered but there is empty slot for adding more.

Thanks llinsh!

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Petrolias Christopher said...

It looks pretty easy to change many things in there, but I don’t thing it will need it.

Anonymous said...

New video ->

Anonymous said...

I've got the MSI Wind Manual and have published the specs:

I also have a link so others can get the manual too!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone identified the bluetooth module? or is it soldered somewhere?

Anonymous said...

Is there space for adding a 3g card?

"nice to feel" said...

MSI Wind u-100 is truly like its name: Wind, it works so fast with the Atom processor due to its over-clock ability. Found it on

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