Thursday, May 15, 2008

Quick test: Huawei E169 USB 3g HSDPA modem

Click to see the video

Huawei E169

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Unknown said...

Come on JKK!
Open up that 3G USB modem and mod it into your 900!

And where's that 'top secret' mod you've been working on? :)

Mike Cane said...

Yeesh! How could you put both new things on a scratchy rock surface! The friction noise was like nails on a blackboard!

Anonymous said...


Have you got any further on installing the E169 into your eee900? I'm thinking of doing the same, but just wanted to make sure it fits in and gets a signal first? Some pics of your install would be really good if you've got any..!

Thanks, and greetings from the UK.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday in the night I opened my 901 to check if I could put the E169 in there. There is not much space, but I think it could fit into the 1,8" hdd hole when you desolder the USB-Plug. Anyway I think that you wont have good signals in there, its buried under metal :( If someone tells me how to open the E169 without breaking the case I will try.

Anonymous said...

hello, it run also under ubuntu 8.04?

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