Monday, May 26, 2008

Asus Eee PC hits Finland with 3G options

Bundled with 3g HSDPA modem and subscription starting at 21.80 €/month..

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Finnish operators Elisa and Saunalahti are going to sell Asus Eee PC 4Gs with Huawei E220 for monthly fee.

Asus Eee 4G prices with unlimited 3G connection and modem:

384kbps: 21.80 euros/month
512kbps: 26.80 euros/month
1mbps: 31.80 euros/month
2mbps: 41.80 euros/month
5mbps: 46.90 euros/month

If you sign for new ADSL connection, you can get Eee PC for 12e/month (24 month deal).

Huawei E220 is not as nice as E169 I tested, but E169 will be also available for this bundle as soon as Asus updates their 3G drivers to support it.

Eee PC 4G will be available only with Xandros Linux, Pearl White and with 4400mAh battery.

If you want to have XP on it, you should check my review of it.

As it ships with 4400mAh battery, you can expect about 2.5 hours battery life. If you need more , you should think about buying 3rd party battery for it.

I asked Tom Lindblad, Director of sales at Elisa, about Eee PC 900/901 and the answer was Q3.. so maybe for Christmas.. and maybe other mobile computers too..

Press release, Elisa

Product page, Saunalahti

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Anonymous said...

I'm an Asus fan (most of my gear is from Asus), but I must say that I feel a bit disappointed by their attitude towards the Nordic countries. We are some of the most progressive countries as it comes to internet and computer use, but still Asus is only now bringing the Eee's to Finland - and with the old 7" models to boot!

MSI Wind, on the other hand, is coming here as soon as it is released...

mikeful said...
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mikeful said...

Asus have translated their 900 product page in finnish. Maybe they will release it before the end of year...

Anonymous said...

The acer aspire one is coming in a few weeks to Finland. (To the shops at least)

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