Saturday, May 31, 2008

Gigabyte M912. Convertible UMPC with high resolution

We saw these pictures at CeBIT, but back then it was not clear if it makes to production...

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But now it seems pretty official as it's on their website.

Here are the specs:

Intel CPU 1.6GHz with 1GB RAM
Chipset Intel ® 945GSE
8.9”LCD panel/WXGA 1280x768, w/Touch screen, LED Backlight
HDD 2.5” ,9.5mm S-ATA HDD 120/160/250GB
USB X 3,Mic in/Earphone out/D-SUB RJ45 /SD card
Wifi and BlueTooth 2.0 built-in
1.3M pixel CMOS camera
Battery Li-ion 4400mAh, Battery life 4 hrs
Dimensions: 235 x 180 x 28~42mm
Weight 1.2kg
OS: XP or Linux

Best news is that it should have good pricing too!

From the press release:
"The 2008 Computex event scheduled for June is the next major tradeshow that GIGABYTE will take part in, and the company plans to launch its latest INTEL mobile computing platform 8.9” low cost NB"

We should get more info next week from Computex.

Product page

Press release

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Anonymous said...

That looks cool. I hope it's more affordable than the Fujitsu P1620.

Anonymous said...

Couldn´t agree more.
If only that screen would not have that awfully shiny coating...

Anonymous said...

If the price is under the $700 mark then I would think of getting one!

But if it goes up the hill $900+ then no thx and dont call it a budget pc or whetever lol...

Anonymous said...

This looks like the UMPC of my dreams.

JKK - Thanks for all the info you give us.

Does the touchscreen mean that people can write on it and the handwriting is accepted as input?



Anonymous said...

best looking umpc yet imo

Anonymous said...

How is it that the eee 900 with the same size screen, an SSD instead of a HDD, and the same 4400 battery can't possibly touch 4 hours and this one supposedly can?

JKK said...

900 hs celeron and m912 has Atom..

.. it looks like Atom will be delivering good battery life.. we will see that later..

Anonymous said...

Touchscreen fans shouldn't get too excited. Unless they've cloned Fujitsu's Palm Rejection technology, vectoring will make HWR absolute hell, if not entirely worthless.

That screen does make it appealing for holding with one arm and sitting back to lesiurely read from the web or even an ebook, however.

That's *if* the display will rotate 90-degrees!

Pluses and minuses ...

Petrolias Christopher said...

When it is going to be released….we might buy it. But until then just another one in the fast growing market. If it had ssd (faster speeds,better performance xp,vista) and 3g modem(for jkk) it would be the end of choice (for the highest price tag being even 600 euros)

Anonymous said...

I loved my old gigabyte notebook it was a great lil notey. If this is anything like it quality wise i will be getting one.

I wonder though if this will be a re-branded umpc made by the same company who made the notebooks.

Anonymous said...

I want one like this but 2GB ram, and 10-20GB HD (40 max) :P

For my will perfect!

Anonymous said...

A reply from Gigabyte re: sales in N.Amercia:

Answer - 628949
Answer : Dear Customer,

I am sorry, but this product will not be released in the US/Canada market. It will be available in Asia and Europe.

Thank you for choosing Gigabyte products
Question - 628949
From : Barry [ ]
Sent : 7/11/2008 01:02
Question :
1. When will the M912 be released?
2. What is the MSRP
3. Where - in Canada can I buy one?

Anonymous said...

Where can i buy one? Europe?

Anonymous said...

will it be available in india......... plz reply i also need its price...........

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