Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hacked: Dell Mini 9 netbook gets touch screen

About the time ;)

Click to see the video

Deldotb has just finished his touch screen mod for Dell Mini 9.

You can use any of the Ebay touch panels for 8.9 inch screens, but taking USB lines from mini pci-e pins is a bit tricky... that's why he took the USB from one of the external usb ports...

Here is a picture of USB lines at Mini 9's pci-e pins... it's from the GPS enabled Mini 9

Read Deldotb's forum post here

Details, News and Links for Dell Mini 9

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Frank said...

I hope JKK test Asus EEE PC 901 with RunCore Pro 16/32GB Mini PCIe PCI-e SSD Solid State Drive with Dell Inspiron Mini 9 (RCP-I-M5016/32-C) on primary SSD as OS, because I assume this PCIe PCI-e SSD the only SSD can fit in on 901 primary SSD and other bigger capacity on secondary 901 like SSD RunCore 64/128GB PATA Mini PCI-e PCIe SSD (RCP-I-M764/028-C1).

I'm never a cross people can upgrade such like this thing. No one able to upgrade both capacities for Asus 901 on primary and secondary SSD, they only swap boot order. To me is not good at all. And if they swap it on secondary will not able to detect. Result only detecting one drive. Primary should faster (like SLC:8/16GB) but not bigger capacity then secondary (MLC:32GB/64/128GB) for storage. All drives must be set for virtual memory and paging file for boost performance speed for windows. Anyone know how to upgrade it please let us know and share your tech knowledgeable how to do it. ;)

Saperalot said...

nice mod i had one too on my 900 and it worked good. taking the usb from an external port i think is much easier. i did it on my 900 too.

Anonymous said...

thank you very much for your reviews and advices! I was wondering if the 8.9 touch screen for 900-901 that you reviewed some time ago works with eeepc 900a...
I would like also to ask you if the "ssd week" has finished with the runcore drives or if you plan to submit some other ssd disks, maybe faster or cheaper (or both!)

Thank you again for your blog!

Saperalot said...

i am not jkk but there coming more i think i heard it in the video. it think too that the finnland custom makes tests with the ssd which are for jkk ;-)

Anonymous said...

I wish that I'd have read a little more about the GPS hack. I'll go back and modify my touch screen hack to use the pci-e pins this weekend... the USB connector was just way easier and I have problems seeing the pins!

Anonymous said...

What program is used in the video?
And when will there come a 10.2" touch screen kit available for those of us that have the Samsung NC10?

Saperalot said...

there are 10.2 inch touchscreens but i dont know if they fit in a samsung nc10. look at ebay and ask the seller.

Anonymous said...

I have updated instructions at I also managed to incorporate the "GPS" hack to connect to the internal USB bus now. Got my third USB port back.

Anonymous said...

Hey JKK,

I just ordered a Mini 9 for loaning/company use for my small business. I'm just itching and looking forward to modding it as you and some other owners have.

I do have a question though: how does the touch screen and GPS mods (together or separately) affect battery life? The Mini 9 can go about 4-5 hours, and I'm assuming the GPS unit could be turned off... but yeah.

Anyways, keep it up guys!


Unknown said...

There are several vendors on ebay that sell touch interfaces. A review of these would be very helpful. You could discuss lag, image distortion, drivers, etc.

Deldotb complained that the lag was aggravating. It would be nice to know if some touch screens are better than others.

JKK, how do you feel about the several that you have used? Worthwhile?

Any information on the devices themselves would be beneficial to potential modders.

Clint Slaughter, M.D. said...

Has anyone put in a GPS and a Touchscreen? I've given up hope that there will be an affordable touchscreen netbook with these features that is capable of OS X anytime soon, so this is a possible solution!

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for your review and advise it's very positive contribution.
I was searching for this information for some days I finally find your blog.
I want to make a multimedia player with touch screen.( mp3-mp4 player )
it have to be very simple and intuitive function for the people that don't have familiarity with computer.
if someone advise me how is going to do?

Mobiew said...

OMG how is this possible?


hi can u tell us if there any option to make resistive screen to capacitive by adding new hardware? i have netbook nav9 and i like to convert its irritating resistive touch to capacitive thanx

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