Monday, December 01, 2008

Unboxing HP Mini 1000 SSD version... fully.

Click to see the video

Testing SSD and 3G stuff now... more soon..

Details, News and Links for HP Mini 1000

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Saperalot said...

Thanks jkk for that video.

- a bit more light when making video will be great
- no sleeve in the box?
- nice keyboard size but not for mobile devices
- glossy over and over oh no
- mmh lion polymer battery thats nice too who long the batterylife?
- what does that "ui" mean, something broken ? :-)
- you should name that video "unboxing dissection of hp 1000 mini with ssd" ;-)
- touchpad multitouch?
but for a small notebook i will be a good buy

looking forward to see more of that device, thanks again.

JKK said...

sorry for dark video.. cam setting was wrong... I can't really do unboxing again.

I will test and review it, so all areas will be covered.

Anonymous said...


Could you replace the SSD module with and Runcore one (mean this type of modules)?
Lost Warranty with that mod?
What kind of SSD did you try to put in?
This USB "internal" port looks good for mod... like touch screen?... please...

Amaizing unboxing!!!!!!!
WE WANT MODS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

JLM: I don't think you will be able to add touchscreen easily - because of the edge-to-edge screen cover. But I might be wrong.

Anonymous said...

got any 1.8" 5400RPM HDD's to stick in there?

Anonymous said...

Hey JKK,

Where did you learn your Jedi skills? Noticed how you kept using "The Force".

Thanks for vid.

Anonymous said...

I just got my HP Mini 1035NR and I'm liking it so far. I just ordered a 2GB RAM and I hope to see the VGA adapter soon (I'm sure I'll eventually need it). LIKES... Full sized keyboard (wish there were more gaps between keys), lite and compact, fast enough for internet and office type use, over all good design, and affordable. HATES... screen doesn't tilt further back, a little too glossy (wipes comes in handy), minicam is not all that good (must have perfect lighting), headphone jack is crap, and wish it locks when screen is closed.

All in all... I like it a lot. Oh... And seeing JKK take that thing apart... WOW! That's some cool stuff.


Thomas said...

can someone recommend a shop that sells the HP MINI 1000 and ships to germany?

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for this, and other deep posts. The upgradability of these things is a big issue for many of us!

Unknown said...

jjk : may i know

--is there a sim slot socket ready in ?

--putting non-hp 3g pcie ( like sierra mc , option ) in , will hp bios shown error 1804 or unsupported device

--i hate HP and Lenovo bios , always stopping 3rd parties hardware

hope you can ready and show us your installation guide of 3g in mini 1000

best wish , andy from singapore
your supporter ,
(i still looking for netbook to buy , but i may buy eeepc 901 , since is small and lot of modification and hack resourse from jjk and other , i like DIY...
salute JJK

Anonymous said...

Looks like fingerprints are quite dimmed by the pattern on the hatch. Is it? JKK, as I know you don't like 10' netbooks. So, what do U think about this one, is it too big for U?
Cool video! :up:

Unknown said...

If it was possible to make this into a touch-screen fairly easily, then I would purchase one today. The 1000 seems fairly easily mod-able though, and I'm looking forward to seeing which changes come through for this.



Hayden said...

can anyone confirm or deny the presence of an ethernet jack?

JKK said...

Ethernet port is hiding under a rubber plug on the left side

Teo Chin Jin said...

Hey man, just a quick question.

How are we gonna use the CD when the laptop doesnt have a cd-rom?

Anonymous said...

So, you can pop a 2 GB memory module in there? Can anyone confirm a make and model that is working?

I looked through the other postings but could not find this info.


kjw said...

So, you can pop a 2 GB memory module in there? Can anyone confirm a make and model that is working?

I looked through the other postings but could not find this info.


Anonymous said...

So can you fit a 2.5" hard drive in there? If so the possibilities are much more.

Anonymous said...

anybody figure out what hard drive you tried in there? when are you gonna post your new hard drives tests? i'm dying here!

Anonymous said...

I am agreed that
This USB "internal" port looks good for mod a touch screen
on it!~
But the touch screen parts must extreme slim and the control chip also.

I want a touch screen on my HP Mini 1000~~~

Anonymous said...

"HATES... screen doesn't tilt further back, a little too glossy (wipes comes in handy), minicam is not all that good (must have perfect lighting), headphone jack is crap, and wish it locks when screen is closed."

Totally agree with my limited time handling the unit at the local BestBuy I instantly had the same thoughts! Screen doesn't tilt back far enough! Web cam is crap! The either or speaker/headphone jack a bad idea!

I suggest you go to your local sunglass or eyeglass retailer and purchase the small lens cleaner pack.
Usually contains non-harming squirt bottle of cleaner and a micro-cloth inside a small plastic case and keep it in your computer bag.
The finger prints and smudges drive me nuts no matter what the device! I don’t understand how people deal with touch screens on mobiles, just too many smears for me!

Unknown said...

I have a 1035nr that I got from best buy and it came with 6400s 1gb module. Bought a 2gb stick and it wont see 2gb. Ive heard it is the OS, but the bios wont see it, I dont see how the OS will.

Unknown said...

spoke with Chat support - the HP ships with 6400 sometimes. But 2gb 5300 will show up as 2gb, 2gb 6400 will only read 1gb (even after latest bios and bios reset). 4200 is what they say is supposed to work only.
Confused ? I was.

Here is my chat :

Derek : Hello Brian.
Brian Stokes : hi
Derek : Welcome to HP Total Care for Notebooks.
Brian Stokes : thanks
Brian Stokes : sn : CNU85153XJ
Brian Stokes : PN FW376UA#ABA
Brian Stokes : hp mini
Derek : Brina, I assure you of every thing posibble in this regard.
Derek : To assist you better, I need some information in this regard.
Brian Stokes : Its got some weird XP Home Edition ULPC version on it, the bios is only reporting 1024 ram
Brian Stokes : the same stick works in my other HP laptop (17inch)
Derek : May I konw the Memory modules you have installed in the Notebook?
Brian Stokes : One
Brian Stokes : it only takes 1
Brian Stokes : yer scaring me bud
Brian Stokes : you should know it holds two.....
Derek : Yes, the Notebook has two Memory slots.
Derek : I mean the Memory module specification.
Brian Stokes : well, the slot for memory, there is only 1
Brian Stokes : the hp 1035NR only has one my knowledge. Under the memory compartment is only one slot. Is there another slot under the keyboard or something ?
Derek : Please allow me 2-3 minutes while I check this.
Brian Stokes : ok
Derek : Thank you so much for your valuable time and patience.
Derek : I apologise to have kept you waiting all this while.
Brian Stokes : not a problem
Derek : The Notebook supports upto 1GB maximum RAM .
Brian Stokes :
Brian Stokes : page 28
Brian Stokes : and page 9
Brian Stokes : Supports the following configurations:
● 512-MB total system memory (512 × 1) √ √
● 1024-MB total system memory (1024 × 1) √ √
● 2048-MB total system memory (2048 × 1) √
Brian Stokes : the check is on the line for the 1000 series
Derek : Please let me check this,
Brian Stokes : ho problem
Brian Stokes : may i got afk for 1 min please to get a drink?
Brian Stokes : back
Derek : Fine, enjoed the drink.
Brian Stokes : haha
Derek : *enjoyed
Brian Stokes : yah )
Derek : Brain, the Notebook support 1GB as per the teseted information.
Derek : The Notebook supports 533MHz, 200-pin, PC2-4200, SDRAM Small Outline Dual In-Line memory module.
Brian Stokes : i got it with a 1gb 6400 module straight from HP
Brian Stokes : im looking at the module
Brian Stokes : 1gb ddr2 800 cl6
Brian Stokes : i know it will step down
Brian Stokes : but dang.....
Derek : May I know the place of purchase of the Memmory module?
Derek : I mean 2GB RAM.
Brian Stokes : Frys
Brian Stokes : in houston on 45N
Derek : Brian, I have cross check the Notebook specification as the supports 1GB RAM.
Derek :
Brian Stokes : then which model supports the 2gb of ram
Brian Stokes : because that pdf didnt write even specifies that the HP 1000 is the only series that does 2gb ram
Brian Stokes : i dont understand is all - there are tons of websites linking and speaking about folks upping to 2gb of ram, and I cant ??
Brian Stokes : i have the ONLY 1000 that isnt supported to 2gb ?
Derek : Could I have 3-4 minutes of your time while I study this closely.
Brian Stokes : not a problem
Brian Stokes : i appreciate i
Brian Stokes : it
Derek : Thank you so much for your valuable time and patience.
Derek : I have contacted my supervisor in this regard.
Brian Stokes : it seems like the inconsistencies are wide...i hope you dont mind my concerns
Derek : Brian, your Notebook supports upto 1gb memory, as the Notebook manual is common for HP mini 1000 series Notebook, there are HP mini Notebook which support 2GB.
Brian Stokes : arg
Brian Stokes : ok
Derek : Please allow me 2-3 minutes while I check this.
Brian Stokes :
Derek : Bria, HP Mimi mi series is the Notebook which support 2gb memory.
Brian Stokes : these other guys are trying to say in that forum that the 1000 series does support it, but the OS load is keeping the machine frrom using 2gb ram
Brian Stokes : i dont get that
Brian Stokes : bios runs memory, not os
Brian Stokes : but same laptop as I have, and others got 2gb, and have been told 4gb works ??
Brian Stokes : what do ineed to load a different os on this ?
Derek : Brian, as per the tested infromation we have is the Notebook supports 1GB. However you can install 2GB.
Brian Stokes : i did lol but it only reports 1gb stick
Derek : I recommend you reset BIOS in this regard.
Derek :
1. Restart the notebook.
2. Tap the F10/F2 key as soon as the HP logo appears.
3. Using the arrow keys, navigate to Exit menu and select Get defaults values.
4. Navigate to Exit menu and select Save Changes and Exit.
Brian Stokes : hmmm....good call ill do it
Brian Stokes : 1 sec
Derek : Brian, here is weblink where you can find HP mini mi Notebook :
Derek :
Brian Stokes : didnt change (
Derek : May I know the exact RAM module specification you ahve installed?
Derek : Is it 533MHz, 200-pin, PC2-4200, SDRAM Small Outline Dual In-Line memory module ?
Brian Stokes : 2gb pc6400
Brian Stokes : patriot psd22g8002s
Derek : Brina, the support PC2-4200 Memory module.
Derek : I recommend to check with PC2-4200 RAM.
Brian Stokes : but...u guys shipped this one to best buy with 6400 in it
Brian Stokes : and others on the net are reporting the same thing
Derek : Please check the weblin you have provided weblink of Notebook manual.
Derek : *weblink
Brian Stokes : haha fair enuf
Brian Stokes : u get my point tho right
Brian Stokes : u guys give me 6400
Brian Stokes : but report it to only support 4200
Brian Stokes : and recommended a 5300 a few lines back haha
Brian Stokes : ive got a 5300 2gb stick here, lemme try it
Derek : Okay.
Brian Stokes : holy crap
Brian Stokes : it sees it
Brian Stokes : ok Derek u win u got me

vaporland said...

I have the HP 1030miniNR - added a 2GB memory module and works fine in XP and Mac OS X 10.5.

Now I am trying to get the PCI-E internal slot working with a SuperTalent 32GB SSD.

It is not refused by the BIOS, but not recognized either.

Might try what this guy ( did and tape over two pins on the PCI-E card.

Anonymous said...

I put an Buffalo Select 2GB DDR2 PC-6400 800MHz in HP mini 1030nr and it works and recongised as 2GB.
No problem and it works better.

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