Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Buffalo to make SSDs for Dell Mini 9 too

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Buffalo will be making 16GB and 32GB MLC SSDs for Dell Mini 9. Shipping soon, but in Japan only.

Prices are looking good, starting from 60 dollars, but there is no info about the speeds. If they are same as their Eee PC versions, they are too slow..

I will try to get one for testing, but without the speed info, I would still get one of the RunCore ones, as they are proven good and have the USB plug for easy cloning.

Best thing still is that netbooks are getting goodies and competition makes them even better.

Via Engadget

Buffalo product page [ translated ]

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Anonymous said...

i bet these are gunna be dog slow :)

Anonymous said...

I still doing reaching how to upgrade ASUS EEE 901 for primary SSD (internal) not secondary SSD. I guess secondary SSD very easy one. I thinks primary SSD is small like this kind SSD for Dell Mini 9.

Saperalot said...

ssd for this price must be a slow one i think, but we will see.

Anonymous said...

BUFFALO SHD-DI9M a review article


Michael said...

Help me to understand. Can I take a normal notebook that has a harddrive and put this in an open mini PCIe slot free on that laptop what stops me from buying this and adding 32gb of space to my laptop. Is that possible?

JKK said...

Sorry, but no.

These mini pcie SSDs work only on some Asus Eee PCs and Dell Mini 9.

The connector is the same pcie you have on your normal notebook, but the pinout is different.

Anonymous said...

i would like to see what's the read/speed of this buffalo SSD but what! i don't understand or read JAP

Unknown said...

Hey JKK, i own a dell mini 9 in wich i already changed the RAM from 1 to 2GB, and already ordered a runcore 32GB (just waiting "out of stock"), but, my question is:- Is it normal that my dell mini 9 heats a bit not much but still heats a bit.

Beste regards


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