Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Samsung NC 10 dissected

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Unknown said...

JK, found your site when looking for NC10 3g hack as i'm looking to do the mod myself. Do you know if its going to be as easy as installing the pic-e connector to the mainboard or will more mods be required?

I don't know if you're thinking of doing this mod yourself, but would you try going the factory route and making the sin accessible from the battery compartment as found on some German vodafone models? I know that the 3g enabled nc10 is due out in Feb here in the uk and i've been contacting laptop spare part companies for the parts and have tried samsung direct but no joy as yet. Im thinking that if the install of the pci-e connector is enough to enable the socket then a hsdpa card with built-in sim reader may be the easier route.

Who knows, i hope i've not bored you too much and your comments would be much appreciated.

Regards from the uk

JKK said...

I will be testing it in few weeks... before that i have no solid info about the mod.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the reply JK.

I shall keep a lookout for your write-up. Please keep up posted on how things go.


Matt Finucane said...

Any updates on this ? I was thinking of doing the same thing myself. Anything we should know, like a locked BIOS preventing the soldered in card from working?

JKK said...

No update yet, but i might get one here in nex week to test..

Marcos Scriven said...


Any news on this? Would like to solder on a 3g/gps module internally at some point

Marcos Scriven said...

Any news on this? I see the original post is back in December.

Interested in soldering on a 3g/GPS dongle internally.

Jonathan Siu said...

I would be quite interested to see if a 3G mod can be done as scouring the WHOLE internet doesnt seem to bring out any clear cut designs to getting a 3g mod. :(

Anonymous said...


Is it worth attempting this or not ?

FriedZombie said...

I Soldered the thing and it does nothing.
Sny ideas?
(No shorts or anything)

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