Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Uups, I did it again: Life on the Wicked Stage Ink Blot Award


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The Annual Life on the Wicked Stage Ink Blot Awards have been published, and jkkmobile got one!

The Give Me a Netbook and I’ll Mod It Award: jkkmobile!!!

Me happy!

There are other winners too, so remember to hit the link on the bottom to see them all.

Some pics:

The Put A New Best Foot Forward, Then Put Foot in Mouth, Then Shoot Self In Foot Award: Intel on the Atom powered Netbooks and Intel’s VP of Sales and Marketing, Stu Pann for his recent comments about Netbooks.

Best We Can’t Believe People Really Like These Things, So Let’s Make One in Every Size and Configuration We Can: Asus and the Eee PC.

The Ernie Banks Wait Until Next Year Award: Intel for MIDs

Best Ultra Mobile Device Blogger: Steve “Chippy” Paine

Best and Hands Down Unbeatable Ultra Mobile Device Data Base: UMPC Portal

Best New Mobile Tech Blog: Liliputing

Best Geek Meetup Bloggers: UMPCFever

Best Get Down and Dirty with Mobile Devices Blogger: Jenn at Pocketables

Check the whole list of winners

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Anonymous said...

Hello, jkk, congratulations!

You did it, but...How about the PCIe to ZIF converter for the eeePC 901? It's been some months since you almost promised to make it public.

Anonymous said...


Great work!


Joao Oliveira said...

Very nice!


all the best,

Anonymous said...

Congratulations JKK!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

My Congrats too..
For all the Tech & Hints past Year..
We know it before you get the award

Anonymous said...

Good Job, JKK!

Saperalot said...

Congratulations JKK nice to read this ;-)

Anonymous said...

Bravo JKK :)

Pctrelos said...


Unknown said...

u did it again....proud of you
i will hit more adsense to support
andy singapore

Anonymous said...


Mithinco said...

Nice job jkk!

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