Monday, December 29, 2008

Preview of the MIDs at CES 2009

Click to see the video

Hmmm.. so there should be more at " Atom Zone "

Let's hope some great designs..

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Anonymous said...

Ok. Wait and see.
Any data about "mwe" Atoms (not Z series, next series)?
Some news about new "Nbooks" or "Nets" (we cannot say Netbooks, thanks Psion)?

Saperalot said...

build a wall with all that bricks :-)

hope to see mor design devices. small, light, fast and for a good price. ces 2009 will one of the hottest ever i think.

Anonymous said...

jkk I'm about to buy a new nokia e71.Could you propose a mid at around 500 euros with all the features a smartphone has?I'd like one with ssd drive and the best battery possible.Which is the best model I can buy in europe with these features and price?Also please suggest me a good importer of such devices from asia.there must be a good and honest european importer.happy new year to all.

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