Friday, December 19, 2008

Hoda's touch screen kit for netbooks at MSNBC’s top 10 techkie gift list


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Guys at Hoda Technology have been hard at work making touch kits for netbooks and now they are getting some well deserved attention.

Their 'Easy and Fun' touch-screen kit for netbooks got on MSNBC’s '10 gifts for the hard-core techie' list!

Btw, you can get it from ..

Check the whole list at MSNBC

Hoda Technology

Via GottaBeMobile

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Anonymous said...

Which one do you use in the 900?

JKK said...

mine has same panel as all 8.9 inch versions, but mine is not the "easy kit..

mine needed soldering as you can see on my post:

Saperalot said...

i had a solderless for my 900 but its broken so i only use the usb hub now ;-)

but i think 2009 we will see a lot of touchscreen netbooks and i hope some convertible too.

Anonymous said...

Can I get a digital version of the instructions so I know how EASY it is before I spend a bunch of money.

Saperalot said...

if you can dissect your device and back than you can build in a touchscreen. take a look at ebay there are a lot of instructions for touchscreens.

i did it three times and it is not so difficult but be careful with the screws dont tight them too much ;-) "after that tighten screws comes that break off screws"

Anonymous said...

PDF instructions are here:

David said...

Has anyone here bought this kit and started to use it?

Anonymous said...

I don't know much about touch screens - but is it supported by Windows XP Tablet PC edition?

Is there any support under Leopard?

Is there multi-touch support?

For the eee 901 - How does the screen quality compare to the original screen?


Anonymous said...

I just finished installing this kit into my 901.
It works fine, however the instructions supplied are not 100% correct and are missing some details.
I used both the supplied instructions and JKKs install video: from the one that had to be soldered.

Only real issues I have run across in my 30 mins or so of testing is that the camera has to be turned on in order for the screen to work (as the board plugs into the onboard video port), this may have implications to the battery.

Also I don't think the laptop is closing as neatly as it did before, but that may just be me.

I'll try and check back in a few days after I have used it a little more. Feel free to post any questions.

Anonymous said...

With the Touchscreen turned on you have to deal with 2 Watts. So you will have at least 45minutes less Batterylife. But still, i dont wanna miss my Touchpanal.

Anonymous said...

Are either of the eeepc models compatible with the 900A?

And is there any way of getting around having to turn on the webcam to use the screen, as Chris mentioned?

The screen doesn't cause any lag, does it?

Anonymous said...

Hi, could someone please tell me whether it's easy to write on the screen? (I want to use it for ink blogging and annotating documents with handwritten text).

Many thanks

Anonymous said...

Ihave my aspire one disassembled and the cable for the camera supplied is too big. Anyone encounter this? ( the 5 pins are spaced a little too wide to plug it in.)

Lawrence said...

be careful when you order - I ordered the same product from FidoHub, which I chose by my compter's model name, and it does not fit. The return policy is dreadful, and conics' is just as dreadful.

Anonymous said...

Totally useless for the Acer. Hoda needs to open up a netbook

made within the past four years and clue into the fact that their

"inline" webcam hack no longer works (if you're lucky enough to

have a netbook old enough to support their "solderless"

connections). They could have better spent their Taiwan dollar on

packaging rather than the envelope-sized "instructions", which

are smaller than any Chinese food take-out menu you get in the mail. Most

helpful would have been instructions to get your money back (plus

duty, plus customs, plus restocking fee).

It's clear to me that Hoda has not spent a penny on trying to

licence any technology; they've just tried to inject their

plexiglass screensaver into the Acer's ancillary circuit, which is perfect for

you, provided you have a degree in Electronics Engineering, the world's tiniest soldering gun, and $300 laying around to buy a tablet after you've ruined a perfectly good netbook on this fool's project.

I spent a perfectly nice evening in the backyard last night with my "Easy and Fun Touchkit"; I burned the box in the firepit, and since my Acer netbook doesn't work now, I burned that too.

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