Friday, December 19, 2008

Hands-on with Wibrain i1, UMPC with Atom cpu and 3G HSDPA

Click to see the video

It's not a looker but it has some great features..

Read Steve's testing notes from UMPCPortal

Details, News and Links for Wibrain i1 3G UMPC

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Saperalot said...

As you say ugly but some nice features ;-)

mtotho said...

I looked at the wibrain li just because it was so cheap (about 500 dollars with lowest ram, linux, and small hard drive, but i had a biggger hard drive and more ram) also the device is small.. may be decent for emulator with the psp like body.. i dont think its too terrible looking.

Anonymous said...

It has this all business, no frills attitude that gets things done. It's not sacrificing any capabilities in order to conform to fashion and look expectations... it's very commendable, and devices like that always have their place in the world. :)

Anonymous said...
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JKK said...

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