Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Asus Eee PC T91 available ( was ) and reviewed

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Yep, Amazon and others had pile of T91's but they seems to be all gone in few hours..

If you didn't get one, you might wanna check these reviews:

Engadget: great ideas coupled with mediocre hardware

Gizmodo: Keep Dreaming

Liliputing: The T91 is a mixed bag

GottaBeMobile: For Touch enthusiasts who are looking for a Netbook sized device, the T91 could very easily fill the bill.

NotebookReview: Is the Eee PC T91 a better choice than lower-priced netbooks with bigger screens and better specs? Possibly

CNET: Small and light; well-done custom touch-screen interface; good battery life.

LAPTOP: This tablet netbook sets itself apart with an attractive touch interface, but it’s held back by slow performance, a small hard drive, and cramped keyboard.

You get plenty of info from those reviews, but I think most of them forgot the main factor: mobility. T91 is the smallest netbook available, has durable SSD, touchscreen, 3G/GPS on new version etc.. all super for mobility.

I bought one for me, so expect some heavy testing, modding and pretty long videos about this "hoping it can replace my 900a" convertible netbook.

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HeartBeat said...

i dont think it will replace your 900a with its 1.33 processor!

JKK said...

that will be one major issue.. but i wanna test before making any bets...

quangdx said...

also still with the 1024x600 resolution,
time 8.9inch screens had 1280x768 as standard.
love my fujitsu P1610.

JKK said...

It is always about our needs..

For me 1024 is perfect on it as it is much easier to use with fingertips while mobile..

Anonymous said...

For me the major issue is the glossy finish, I've only seen demo and it looked awful with all those fingerprints around.
It's nice unit if you are a fun of touch interfence but keep a cloth close to it.

Unknown said...

Cant whait to see your videos and hacks The T91 is so far a real mobile device, may replace my good old 900 ;-)

HeartBeat said...

When are we gonna see the perfect Mobile Laptop!!??

Why do they keep doing the shiny piano finishing with all hate going around for intance?!!

There always should be something missing!!

I dont know if this is ment to be like that so that people DO NOT stick to one Laptop for long time!!!

For example, My Main Serious Work Laptop was the Dell XPS M1210 12" an in my Opinion that was a perfect laptop by all Means .. Performance, Multi Media, Resolution, Portability, Built in WWAN, Camera, DVD, Great Finishing,Good Battery .. You name it! After a less than one year it became obsolute!!!!

Talking bout netbook, I still beleive that the best ever 8.9" laptop was made is the Kohjinsha SX3 for all the goodies that it has but unfortunatly small battery and 1.33 Processor. Only if this laptop get better battery time and faster CPU I would stick to it till it can no more function.

Surprisingly also we dont see much attention to it.

Anonymous said...

I thought the SC3 was the smallest netbook with its 7 inch screen?

JKK said...

Yep, sc3 is less wide but thicker.. with 7 inch screen..

UMID is also smaller with 4.8 but I tend to put those to the UMPC camp..

T91 is smallest 8.9 incher :) ok?

ikkefc3 said...

I wanted to buy it, but when I read the laptopmag review about the bad performance, I decided I should replace my eee 901 with a Toshiba NB200-10Z because of the great battery life and good reviews. For mobile use I wouldn't recommend the Toshiba. I switched from SSD to HDD and it's just annoying how fragile the HDD is. Also it's very big and doesn't fit in my laptop case (my eeepc 901 was too big for that case!). Also, I really miss the multitouch touchpad from eeepc.

HeartBeat said...

sx3 is 8.5"

JLM said...

T91 is Good, but a faster procesor could became into Great!!!!!
I´m awaiting T101 (Bigger screen)

Andy said...

Can't think what you are going to hack apart from 3g, faster ssd and a touchscreen - wait a minute!! :-)

Mysty said...

I think I'll wait for the multi-touch version with Win7 or perhaps the Viliv s7. Leaning more towards s7 with the 9.5hrs rated battery life. I wonder how much that is in real-world. 7 hours? Plus it's a removable battery and 2GHz CPU for international version! Although I wonder if the battery rating would be the same for the 2GHz version. Eek!

itsthis said...

T91 almost got it right. I have determined that according to my needs, it is either 6 hours of heavy heavy use or removable batteries. Sorry Asus, nice try. I might consider it though.

Unknown said...

Are you taking hack requests?
I'd like to know whether the device could become a full tablet by adding the contents of a Bamboo Fun tablet into the display case.
Am I dreaming, or could that work?

Anonymous said...

What's with the glossy screen? Good device with useless screen!

Andrew Beery said...

I bought one (T91) so my college age daughter could have a small notetaking machine to carry between classes... loaded it with 2GB RAM, Windows 7 (RTM), OneNote, MindMapper and Microsoft Office. Software is loaded on one of the two 16GB SD cards I have in the system so as to leave as much space free on the primary SSD as possible... that said its still a little more cramped than I'd like for her so I bought a 32GB SSD for an EEE PC... but cannot figure out how to get the case of to replace the existing SSD... Simply removing the screws on the base does not do the trick... anybody replace the SSD yet that can give me a hint?

JKK said...


TWhich ssd did you get, I tested with many and it looks like none will work on it.

It needs to be 50mm pci-e sata.

I will show how to open it on video tomorrow or in next few days.

Andrew Beery said...

JKK... I bought the Super*Talent FPM32GRSE Mini PCI-E 32GB SSD... is it 50mm??? don't know... its almost exactly the same size as the DDRII 1GB module... my guess is that means too big unless I get fancy with placement. I know that when I tried to open the T91 and could not get it done I tried to put this in my Dell Mini so I'd have more room for my Hackintosh (hey pastors need hobbies too!) but it would not physically fit. Blessings my friend -- look forward to the "How To" demo.

JKK said...

FPM32GRSE is 70mm.. so it's not fitting in nicely.

If you have skills you got force it there:

szlevi said...


how would you compare it to my Gigabyte M912-M tablet?

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