Wednesday, July 01, 2009

How-to: Internal 3G to Samsung NC10. The easy way

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Many of you have asked me to do NC10 3G mod, but as I don't have it and no one has wanted to do it remotely; here is the next best thing.

On many other netbooks and laptops you can't swap wifi card with 3G card, but on Samsung NC10 you can.

Basso tested and it's working fine. He also got a really small usb wifi dongle for wifi sessions, but if you mostly need your netbook while mobile, you don't need wifi anymore.

I would suggest a small hole to the bottom for easy SIM card swapping... or just taking the soldering gun to your hand and solder the 3G card straight to USB and power lines like I did with Dell Mini 9 Maybe Basso will do it later...

Thanks Basso! Jump to BassoPT's Ultra Mobile Computing for full read

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Joao Oliveira said...

Thanks for the post! I really wanted to make a detailed video, but my life has been a nightmare this week with work.

I will do it as soon as I have some peace here! :)


João (Bassopt)

Anonymous said...

I don't think "you won't need WIFI anymore" is a fair assessment. Often there is WIFI signal in lecture halls and offices where there is weak or no cell signal.

I almost bought this netbook or the 1000HE, but neither had a second usable MiniPCI-E slot like my Acer AOD-150. I submitted something of a guide to jkk...I should probably take some photos at some point.

I hope he posts that as well.

Unknown said...

good posting, thats right !

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the 'not so easy way' to fetch internal 3G while keeping wifi connection untouched.

Daniel said...

Anyone knows if the EU850D module is compatible with Windows Seven 64bit?

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