Friday, July 10, 2009

Nokia N97. First 24 hrs. First impressions

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First 24 hours

Video filmed and uploaded with Nokia N97

Video streamed live with Nokia N97

A test picture taken with Nokia N97

It is getting some heavy testing but that's how it needs to be...

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quangdx said...

i have a nokia e71 and it runs the same software as the N97.
here are a few tips for you

you can hold down the menu button to show running apps.

profimail is a great email client for nokia S60

for twitter i've been using Twibble from

Resco photo viewer is much much better than the default one,

For web browsing, i use a combination of the default web browser, operamini and skyfire depending on what website i am visiting.

you can get a dedicated S60 googlemail app.

Using 3G on any mobile phone, will really drain the battery,
so unless you need to do fast browsing, turn it off to extend the battery.

salbaek68 said...


Great first impressions video.
You can also see open programs, by press and hold the menu key.

You should try out the new Maps 3.0, it's better and felles faster.

Btw. I love my N97, and have survived the first few quirks. said...

Heh, seems i got a cameo when you showed of the twitter app ;)

NotUsedBrain said...

I like your comment how hard it's to test mobile devices while you are siting at harbour's pub with a pint of Magners... That's really a hard task ;)
Can't wait to see comparison to HTC Touch Pro 2
For me the winner is N97 but just because of its nice quality camera, so you always can make nice photos without worrying about not being able to view them later.
I know there are many fans of S60 but in nowadays devices it needs serious rework to keep up, especially when it comes to touch control.

Anonymous said...

To jkk:
Pull out the Battery for 1 or 2 Minutes can help. Cause than the Software deletes all Temp Files. Than reboot.

Battery can be better, but use it a few days, may Batterylife will get higher when it learns a bit.

Helped me a lot of times in my Commis from Nokia. ;-)

Unknown said...

I've had the N97 now for 3 weeks, your review is pretty spot on for the first few days playing with it. My thoughts:
It is an imperfect tool, but it has replaced my iPhone 3G for daily use. Real multitasking is phenomenal: running Gravity, 5 email accounts, calendar, Nimbuzz (for IM) and Facebook apps without a hiccupp (with new firmware and deleting and reinstalling most apps to run from the 32gb mass storage).
I always said that I'd never felt so connected until I bought the iPhone, this is better.
My standard daily gear is now the Viliv S5 and the N97, with them I'm coonected for hours and I can actually get work done.
Oh and the camera and video capabilities are excellent, so I can leave my Leica at home.
You do need to carry an extra battery though for the N97, I get about 6-8 hours of heavy use (after firmware and battery conditioning).

JKK, interested to see more from you on this

Anonymous said...


I was wondering, why you have decided to look for a smartphone. I remember sometime ago that you said "that you only use a phone to talk on, and that you use your mobile pc for everything else". I ask this as you have been recently showing the vili 5?, which is very small.

Thank you


JKK said...

Richard, I want to test how I could share the workload a bit.. and test which parts of my work are best done on which device.

Anonymous said...

Why dont you try the HTC touch pro 2 ? got slide keyboard and seperate number dials ;)


Anonymous said...

And don't forget the Asus M900. This is similar to the Touch pro 2 but is a lot cheaper and has a flash! Build quality seems a bit suspect, though. If you could test the N97, the Touch pro 2 and the M900 side by side I would really appreciate it.

NotUsedBrain said...

I think it has been mentioned that HTC Touch Pro2 is coming in the following weeks so hopefully we can expect direct comparison.

Anonymous said...

JK, were you going to do a side by side comparison of the touch and the N97 ? Ta Sean

JKK said...

yep, side by side coming...

Anonymous said...

very nice mobile phone i will get it in one week can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Moro! Katoin tota first 24 hours- videoo...tais muijas soittaa että joko on ruoka valmista vai vieläkö sä räpläät sitä perkeleen puhelinta? Loppu video sen verran nopeeta :)
Kiitos hyvistä videoista ja käyttökokemuksista!

Anonymous said...

Hi JKK, this is a really good mobile phone, but, did you test the new nokia E72?, I really want to hear your impressiones about it.

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