Wednesday, July 29, 2009

MeetMobility special round-tablet podcast

Welcome to listen Meet Mobility Podcast.
Join me, Steve, Sascha, Warner, Xavier, Ben and Brad talk about the recent Apple Tablet rumors.

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A special round-tablet podcast is now available. Recorded on Wednesday 29th July

Click to download [ mp3, 50:20 ]

Subject: The Apple Tablet.

Show notes: Total running time: 50mins

Chippy, JKKMobile, Sascha, Warner, Xavier, Ben and Brad talk about the recent Apple Tablet rumors.

Steve - in Bonn
JKK - in Helsinki.
Sascha Pallenberg - in Taipei
Ben Lang - in Pennsilvania
Xavier Lanier - San Fransisco
Warner Crocker - located in Virginia, U.S.A
Brad Linder - also in Pennsilvania

The recent round of rumors stem from this post at Apple Insider and were strengthened with an article from the Financial Times.

We talk around the details that came from these two post focusing on a possible 10″ tablet-style device focused on media, home-use and running the iPhone OS. Is there a market for it or are Apple simply going to create a market.

At the end of the podcast, each member is asked if they want to buy one. There’s an interesting response!

Meetmobility is an occasional podcast from UMPCPortal, and
If you'd like to sponsor the podcast and help us make a more regular event, please contact us.

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Anonymous said...

You sound like an Apple investor! =P
I'm glad you appreciate mobile computing. I see you were quite serious when you state the number of links you collected as in the hundreds.
Your blog, ddadmin, might have more popularity if you quickly summarize the article of each link. They don't have to be long summaries, try "tweet size". Even if you've made this blog mostly for yourself, a sentence summary will help YOU remember what you read better.

Anonymous said...

Great podcast! I really enjoyed it.
Though I will never buy an overpriced product like the "vegetable company"'s Slate it is interesting to think about how it will change the industry. It sounds to my like Apple wants to make a profit by selling Magazines/Videos digitally.

Like someone mentioned: It makes since to grandma to buy the dvd on the dvd player, the concept of syncing is foreign.
Maybe Apple will also market an expensive dock w/ HDMI-out... or try to integrate it into the unsuccessful Apple tv.

Enjoyed the talk. Can't wait for the T91 live session.

Anonymous said...

So Apple are releasing a tablet device which is limited to running only one application at a time?
Why not plump for a Viliv X70 with Windows XP on it?
That gives you ALL the features of the of the Apple device plus the flexibility of the Windows O/S. Not to mention to GPS and 3G bonus

Ultimately too, you also avoid paying any Apple Design tax

- Steve Balmer

sargeaxa said...

JKK was the funniest :) It was pleasure listening to this. "Vegetable company" was no seen on this site, checked.

Anonymous said...

Would you think that Apple would also use this design:

See or google "Carbon Fiber Laptop" - for photos of this BLACK computer design (best black on that I have ever seen). You will find is this one -'s-firts-carbon-fiber-macbook/

JKK - have you ever played with making your own laptop or netbook, where the MOD would be to make it out of Carbon Fiber (there are a bunch of Carbon Fiber "how to" videos on the web - looks like you could handle making your own "black netbook and stick all your favorite MODS into it - OH and add some really good speakers (note that if you used the Gecko Edubook motherboard on a chip, and their AA power, there is plenty of room for really good speakers).

Anonymous said...

corrected link for comment above - Image of a carbon fiber mod (with apple logo) - very cool (not the logo, just the mod).

ProDigit said...

Try encoding the audio between 41 and 48khz .wma
The audio will sound much better in those bitrates, and be less big in size.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Hi, I need some help. I have a Eee Pc 901 that I want to use in my car with the lid closed. I have a remote switch in parallel with the power button but I can't find the reed switch to bypass to be able to turn on and off the 901 with the lid closed. I know about the 701 removing the magnet but it's not the same. Can you help?Maybe a picture? Keep up the good work, you helped alot of us. I appreciate any help.

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