Monday, July 27, 2009

New RunCore Pro IV SSD line-up released

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PC Editions
RunCore Pro IV 70mm PCI-e SATA II Solid State Drive SSD : 32GB - 128GB
RunCore Pro IV 50mm T-Style PCI-e PATA Solid State Drive SSD : 32GB - 128GB

RunCore Pro IV 2.5" SATA II Solid State Drive SSD : 32GB - 256GB
RunCore Pro IV 2.5" PATA IDE Solid State Drive SSD : 32GB - 256GB

RunCore Pro IV 1.8" PATA IDE Solid State Drive SSD : 32GB - 128GB
RunCore Pro IV 1.8" 5mm micro SATA Solid State Drive SSD : 32GB - 128GB
RunCore Pro IV 1.8" 5mm PATA Zif Solid State Drive SSD : 32GB - 128GB

Mac Editions
RunCore Pro IV 1.8” SATA II LIF Solid State Drive SSD for Macbook Air Rev B & C : 32GB - 128GB
RunCore Pro IV 1.8” PATA ZIF Solid State Drive SSD for Macbook Air Rev A : 32GB - 128GB

RunCore Pro IV 2.5" SATA II Solid State Drive SSD for Mac : 32GB - 128GB
RunCore Pro IV 2.5" PATA IDE Solid State Drive SSD for Mac : 32GB - 128GB

These new SSDs are using the same controller we tested on the RunCore Pro IV 2.5" SATA II SSD.
That means that even if you have slower PATA bus you get big performance boost on real life use as these SSDs are designed to speed up random small file read and write speeds.

" Pro IV SSD line up will begin shipping throughout the month of August and will soon appear on and all online Authorized Reseller online shops for preorder. Retail pricing will be $179.99, $289.99, $499.99, and $899.99 respectively for 32GB, 64GB, 128GB and 256GB drives. "

Expect to see first test results really soon.

Runcore Press Release

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7j said...

I guess the only difference between the 2.5" SATA drives for macs is the drive cloning software?

It would make since for Runcore to target Apple users since they apparently account for some 90 percent of spending on $999+ computers. These would be the people who would want to pay for Runcore's speed.

Actually, I just opened a fun (expensive looking) package myself recently. The HP 2140 I got for three hundred USD! I'm really liking the brushed-metal top and slim design, If feels much classier than my old $1000 dell.

I might want to replace the HP's pci-e wifi-n card with a Runcore pata ssd for os use.
That would really make it fly!
(It came w/ 2gigs of ram so Im good there)
Then I can leave the 2.5" sata for the upcoming 640GB Seagate laptop hard drive.
I won't even have to bother modding it to keep wireless since I have a free ExpressCard 54 slot which can be used for a wifi-n card.

I really love you site JKK. It makes me so excited about Netbooks.

I got my brother to order the ASUS EEE PC T91 on your recommendation! Boy it looks small!!!

Can't wait for the live session!

I have been recommending the Runcore Pro IV to every buying a netbook. I agree that they are the best.

7j said...

SCRAP THAT! I should have read enadget first.
No 640GB drive for me. I'm going strait for a 1TB (2.5in) drive!
(In addition to a RunCore Pro IV 50mm PCI-E SSD!)

Microsoft doesn't like hybrid storage for a reason. IT'S FANTASTIC! Try beating 1.128 Terabytes in a 1KG package! Who needs CULV when you have RunCore?

Anonymous said...

Here's the Link:
I hope my drive socket is deep enough.

Anonymous said...

Nothing new, heard about it in May. Speed will be good but i think than the bottleneck will be the chipset and the cpu in the netbooks and so on.

JKK said...

7j, you can't use pcie SSDs on any other devices than Eee PCs and Dell Mini 9.

Others, like your HP, doesn't support PATA/SATA over pcie connector.

Anonymous said...

So will the 1.8" 5mm PATA Zif be compatible with the Fujistu U820 / U2010

JKK said...

It should work with U820.. but we will test soon anyway..

Anonymous said...

jkk, any idea if these 1.8 drives will work with vaio p? (and did you have a video on how to replace that drive, I remember reading about it on your site, but I cant seem to fiid it)

Andy said...

Just to clear up the newly annouced drives on engadget are 12.5mm not 9.5mm so no netbook love yet!

7j said...

JKK, any idea if a Broadcom HD video accelerator will work with the HP?

I could just use the main 2.5" bay for the ssd. The HDD can be external.

Brett said...

Sony Vaio P owners will be very happy, stay tuned to JKK's site :)

GeoffreyM said...

The 50mm T-style doesn't say it's mini-PCI. Is it and therefore would it fit the Dell Mini 9 I just ordered? It would be great to get the extra speed for my Hackintosh.

JKK said...

T-style is mini pci-e for Dell Mini 9.. but it only fits to non 3G models.

Will said...

I'd be cautious about getting the 1.8" ZIF drives. The previous generation of Runcore 1.8" ZIF SSDs (based on the JMicron controller) has huge compatibility problems due to the connector or included cable.

As for the 2.5" SATA drives? Are they NUTS?

Let me see... should I spend MORE for a slower, lower capacity drive (say 64GB for $289) from a relatively no-name manufacturer with stock availability and product problems OR should I spend LESS for a faster X25-M, higher capacity drive (80GB for $225) from Intel?

GeoffreyM said...

Kiitos, JKK.

Brett said...

hmm, but Intel X25-M has good sustained read speed, other than that it's not so good....

Runcore said...

Good news about the 1.8" Pro IV there is no need for extra cables or instructions on how to possition the drive because the problems are all fixed. Samples are on the way to JKK now so keep any eye out for some good in depth reviews soon.


Will said...

The X25-M actually has slightly lower sustained read/write speeds compared to the drives based on the Indillix, Samsung or JMicron controllers but has much faster small block random read/write speeds which is more important for real world performance.

Take a look at SSD reviews from sites like Anandtech to see how the X25-M compares to other SSDs.

Runcore, what about pricing? Last week Intel dropped their prices significantly and other SSD manufacturers (like OCZ) are also starting to do the same. Will these new drives be price competitive?

Anonymous said...

I dont really see what the big deal is about Runcore. It performs very similar to other Indilinx controller based drives like the OCZ Vertex.

From review sites which review PC hardware, most sites recommend Intel SSDs as a better performing option in most real world tests. Vertex and other indilinx drives lead only in a few synthetic tests (in particular sequential writes). See reviews at techreport, anandtech and pcper.

JKK said...

Yep, 2,5 sata ones have similar specs but sequentals don't mean nothing on computers that has top bus speed from 60 to 120. ( most umpcs and netbooks )

Random write and low latency is what we want.. and smaller form factors.. 1.8 and pcie ones can't be found from those brands

Anonymous said...

JKK are you sure you can't use a Runcore pci-e ssd in a mac mini (not the new ION/nvidia one but the one with an intel 945 chipset)?

JKK said...

I don't see pci-e pata/sata slot on it...

Corzair said...

Let me get this straight so the 1.8" will fit the Asus EEE901 ?
Is so that's great!

Anonymous said...

On their site its written that the

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