Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Viliv S7 UMPC - 1.33Ghz first, 2.0Ghz on international version

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Yep, Viliv S7 is on their site now showing 3 versions for Korean markets:

- S7 I-LOG HX with 1.33Ghz Atom Z520, 1GB RAM, 60GB HDD and XP

- S7 I-LOG HX with 1.33Ghz Atom Z520, 1GB RAM, 32GB SSD and XP

- S7 I-LOG HX with 1.33Ghz Atom Z520, 1GB RAM, 32GB SSD , DMB and XP

Korean prices start from $570 up to $670 on DMB model.

All models feature 7 ich 1024 x 600 touch screen, wifi, bluetooth and optional Wimax

But that's not all:

- There will be pile of international versions mixing 1.33Ghz Atom with HDDs, SSDs and 3G modems.

- Flagship model will have 2.0Ghz Atom, 1GB RAM, 32GB SSD, 3G and Windows Vista (Free Upgrade to Window 7)

- They have some secret goodies on the flagship model which we can reveal when the demo device is here!


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JLM said...


Anonymous said...

Not bad, man. Especially the price, i think...wow
I sooo hope the Goodies include multitouch, then i finally found my first netbook/umpc after almost 2 years now.
Thanks for the nice infos JKK

Anonymous said...

vista sucks, xp rules on netbook~

what hey what said...

Your getting a demo already. SICK!!!! I await the unboxing and the chat on UMPCportal. Vista is heh, Windows 7 is what's up.

Anonymous said...

UMPC right but ugly too, good batterylife if true, free upgrade is good cause vista suchs on such devices :-)

Anonymous said...

Now I am interested in netbooks again. 9 hrs battery life is super sweeeet .Hope this comes out before touch pro2 CDMA

Anonymous said...

I must say that these Viliv guys have shocked me. They have literally come from nowhere and they are producing quality, desirable product on time.

NotUsedBrain said...

Can't wait to see video review, sounds like cool stuff

Jeremy said...

I've waited for this one ever since they announced it last summer. The prospect of 2.0 Ghz makes the wait worth it! I'm a little concerned though that they've done away with the trackpad, which would be a hassle. Any word on this?

rui no onna said...

*sigh* I already pre-ordered the Viliv X70 EX yesterday... Oh well, I wanted something light, anyway. My Fujitsu P1620 is proving to be a pain on the wrist.

The max 2.0GHz clock sounds enticing, but somehow, I have the feeling that model will clock in at $1,000 or more...

Anonymous said...

If the secret goodies are an active digitizer then I'm interested, otherwise I'll stick with my slimmer, thumb typeable SC3.

Anonymous said...

they actually hit the 2.0 GHz mark with the atom. very cool. That can actually compete with a 5-year old laptop we have laying around.

Anonymous said...

Any idea when you will get the demo unit? I am torn between waiting for this and ordering the x70 on the extended deal.

Anonymous said...

2.0ghz? Nice, looks like Viliv is getting serious.

I had a Fujitsu u2010 and sold it aftera 2 weeks of painfully sluggish vista use. They should never put non mobile optimized Vista on netbooks/UMPCs.

They should definietly release both an XP and Windows 7 version of the 2.0ghz device with 2GB ram. That would give the popular Vaio P a run for the money. I'd take a lower res tablet screen over a ridiculous high res non tablet screen anyday.

I already ordered an S5 and now maybe the 2.0ghz version will be next, can't wait :)

previouslysilentOld said...

hmm, umid-m1 or viliv-s7? european 3G/HSPA would probably be a deciding factor for me.

previouslysilentOld said...

p.s. actually, linux compatibility would be my primary criteria, then european 3G/HSPA, assuming the build quality and screen quality are similar.

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