Thursday, December 03, 2009

Fujitsu Lifebook UH900 full details up


* 5.6” 1280 x 600 multi-touch screen
* 1.6ghz Atom Z530 processor
* Wifi, Bluetoothm, Webcam, mic-in
* 2 x USB 2
* SD
* VGA out and LAN with dongle
* Integrated 3.5G
* 62GB SSD
* 500g Weight
* 204 x 106.5 x 23.8mm Size
* Windows 7

* Available in Black, Red and Gold

13Wh battery .. they say 3 hours.. they also said with power saving it could be up to 6 hours.... maybe running at 800Mz??

It should be available on December 17th in Hong Kong for about 1600 USD.. uuuh

Via UMPCPortal

Details at ePice [ translated ]

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Anonymous said...

$1600 no way... UMID M2 is better choice for me

Anonymous said...

The port on the front in the middle, looks like hdmi :)

Yakuzah said...

I wonder how's the mouse going to be, i don't see any useful buttons for that.

Anonymous said...

That port in the middle actually looks like the docking port used on the U810/820

tmarks11 said...

size: 204 x 106.5 x 23.8 mm?

ouch, that is big. For the price. It would be a great netbook, if it was $300-400.

My Dell Mini 9 netbook is 232 x 172 x 31 mm. Maybe quite a bit larger, but it only cost $200.

For the extra $1400, you think they could trim the bezel down a bit.

Epyon said...

I hope this isn't the replacement for the U820. People love the convertible form factor.

2GB RAM is NICE!!!

Anonymous said...

U820 standard battery is 21Wh which gives you up to 4 hours of juice.
This 13Wh battery will NEVER gives you 6 hours, even 3 hours will be hard to reach.

Anonymous said...

WAIT and see! They will milk this one then release a revised one with larger crisper screen and longer battery life all at lower price and more colors. I can wait. But thanks for the news.

Wave.Phile said...

LCD is 1280 x 800 on ePRICE HK site

Igor said...

And I tought nothing can beat the overpriced Sony Vaio P :D
Well, guess I was wrong!

Who the hell is gonna pay that kind of money for something that is essentially a toy.
I guess no one has learned anything from EeePC's sucsess ..

Anonymous said...

Look like a clone of rebrand UMID MBOOK M1 Or UMID MBOOK M2


Anonymous said...

is there a way to put a 3g mini pci-e card on the uh900 US-version? looks like people have tried putting the 3g card in the mini pci-e slot where the gps is, but it doesn't get detected...any suggestions from the readers here, or from JKK? thanks!

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