Thursday, December 03, 2009

Meet Fujitsu LifeBook UH900, 5.6 incher UMPC


* 5.6” WXGA multi-touch screen)
* 1.6ghz Atom Z530 processor
* Integrated 3.5G
* 62GB SSD
* 500g Weight
* 204 x 106.5 x 23.8mm Size
* Windows 7
* Bluetooth / Webcam / mic-in
* Available in Black, Red and Gold

" Thoughtfully designed to outperform in PC convenience, the Fujitsu LifeBook UH900’s mobility is further exemplified with its 5 thumb-controlled Touch Buttons panel at the flanks of the screen such as resolution change, ECO button for extending battery life up to 3 hours or to launch media programs, or you may program these 3 buttons to your favourite applications. Page up and down viewing is also made simple with a single touch of a button as well."

.. a bit wide ( 204mm ) compared to other small UMPCs like UMID ( 159mm ) or Viliv S5 ( 155mm ) but a bit bigger 5.6 inch screen might be worth it.

Fujitsu's U820 has the same screen but again less width ( 171/135/33 mm ) but more depth.

Hopefully we will see more of it soon..

Via Netbooked

Fujitsu Press Release

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Joao Oliveira said...

This looks like something....

Anonymous said...

Will be fun with a widescreen :-)

Gabey8 said...

It doesn't look like it converts to a tablet (a la U810 and U820). I'd love to see it in a pic next to those two devices to give an idea of its size.

Thumbelina said...

That's wider than my 7" screen SC3! No thumb typing on this.

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