Friday, December 07, 2007

Hands-on with Nokia N810

I got call from Nokia Flagship Store Helsinki few hours ago, letting me know that N810 is available and reserved for me to play :). So as any of "us" would, I went there..

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N810 with Everun

Everun with N810

Finnish retail box with N810 showing it's finnish keyboard.

First impressions: Shiny! The new metal finish is really nice looking and feels solid. It is even smaller than i thought. Slider works smoothly, keyboard has good feedback and the screen is bright and clear.

Second impressions: Starting up applications have some lag, but not bad. Thumbing with the keyboard is easy and fast enough. Touch screen works fine. Navigating from application to another is easy, some lag here and there. Good and solid feeling.

Last impressions: Connecting to wifi is fast and easy. Browser looks ok. Now to The Internet, the place it was made for: typing addresses is easy, bookmarking too.. BUT.. lag.. lag.. waiting and no scrolling while waiting.. I'm used to x86 based UMPCs so this is just too slow for me! If you compare it to mobile phone, it's super, but for me, that's not enough.

Scrolling doesn't work as nice either,if i compare it to hw keys on T770 or scroller on Everun, it loses badly. Onscreen scrolling seems to need learning too.. nothing as smooth and easy as in ipod touch. It needs a scroll wheel or buttons.

It's a no-buy. Not for me. But i totally understand people who like it. It's very solid, shiny and it gets the job done. The last bit was the in-store price: €525!

Maybe some sw updates and faster cpu... maybe internal hsdpa.. maybe if youtube would work better ( it's still not perfect ).. maybe then.. for now, it gets better home with someone else.

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Anonymous said...

WHAT - there's actually some written words in your post - GOOD JOB!!!

We want more!

JKK said...

no more.

Anonymous said...

that no scrolling thing while page is loading made me go back and forth between gecko and opera on my 770 to.

its such a small thing, its strange that they cant get it in there. but then gecko is what one can call a very pedantic browser engine.

while opera will guess the layout, and therefor you will see it reshape the page a lot, gecko will wait until the html is fully loaded and parsed, and if there is css, that to, before it starts drawing...

firefox has it to in some ways, only there you often have a stronger cpu so its not so easy to notice.

i guess the biggest issue here is usage scenario. on a desktop you may throw up a page in the background while doing something else, with a pad its the primary function and therefor your left holding it while it works...

Anonymous said...

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