Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Asus Eee PC 900, unboxing time!

Box is open and testing has begun...

Click to see the video

Asus Eee PC 900 details, Links and News

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Petrolias Christopher said...

You were so anxious opening and playing with it that your hands were shaking from happiness :) The review could be more detailed, but you really couldn’t wait….i understand…we all understand. So grats!

Anonymous said...

wow! so cool! Can't wait to get one. Does the base get quite hot? Will it burn my lap if I work for 2 hours? Will you be modding it to touch screen?

Anonymous said...

Nice one JKK. Look forward to you live podcast later.
It looks really nice, I've ordered from HK but mine is shipping with the English/Chinese keyboard. Hoping I can swap that with the one on my 701.

e_Apwn said...

If you had to choose between the Asus 900 and the HP2133 Mini note, which of them would you buy. I have heard that the Celeron M is far better than the underperforming VIA C7 but overall do you think that the Asus 900 is superior to the HP 2133 Mini Note?

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your reviews, jkk, and looking forward to fuller review. I started looking for a desktop replacement but I keep getting distracted by the Eee PC900.

I'd be interested to know if some of the minor problems you mentioned with the 7" are better: are the mouse buttons lighter to click, and can you click from the front-ish-direction rather than having to press straight down; is it better balanced or does it fall on its back?

I'm a bit worried it might be awkward to touch-type on (which will be its main purpose), but I want something that is silent. I'm not mistaken, am I? It is silent? Any chance of overheating?

If anyone knows of other silent laptops, particularly larger ones, I'd be grateful for suggestions while I wait for this to arrive in England, unless I can't wait and have to import one. I've read it's expected 11 May here.

BTW, someone mentioned Windows XP te - what is that, and how does that relate to the advanced touchpad gestures? Yes, I googled, but can't find it.

I'm also annoyed to find that my EULA says my copy of Windows XP is licensed only in conjunction with my machine, so presumably I need to buy a new version of XP if I want that instead.

Keep up the good work,

Unknown said...

JKK - when will you be fitting an internal Bluetooth, 3G HSDPA, and touchscreen then?

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