Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It's official: Asus will replace Eee PC 900 batteries

As you may have heard, first Asus Eee PC 900's were shipped with smaller batteries than they were advertised..

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Automatically translated text:

Eee PC 900 free upgrade to replace Tai capacity 5800 mAh battery

Dear Asustek users

Hello, Thank you for the support and love Asustek.

EeePC 900 series with the four cells of the battery (4400mAh) and (5800 mAh) two. Because of Hong Kong products in the conference at the scene a short time display time, the company only display four cells (5800mAh) for samples, but the media reports, so that customers have the misconception that and the actual shipping 4 cells (4400mAh) specifications are inconsistent, Shuo are deeply sorry.

All customers of the Hong Kong-based Asustek's long-term support and love, Asustek decided ASUS HK Royal Club Hong Kong EeePC 900 users a free upgrade and replace all 4 cells (5800mAh) batteries.

Once again, thank you for your support and love Asustek products

Telephone: ASUS HK Royal Club
Kowloon: 29581620
Hong Kong: 35824770

Asustek Jingshang

I'm getting my Eee PC 900 today, so check back soon as videos are coming...

Press Release

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Anonymous said...

Congrats to Asus for doing the right thing (and caving so quickly to the negative publicity).

Anonymous said...

I'm a little confused. Hong Kong customers will get their battery changed to a 5800mAh battery. What is happening elsewhere?

Say, I buy one in the UK, what size battery should I expect? And, if did buy a Eee900 in the UK and got a 4400 battery, how would I go about asking for a larger replacement?

Anonymous said...

UK machines have shipped with a 4400mAh battery. Asus in the UK have been very circumspect on the issue, and there is certainly NO prospect of free replacements at this time.

zillionpark said...

So, this 6600mAh EEE PC 900 battery not a original battery?


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