Monday, April 07, 2008

USI MIDs, now with PCI Express slot

More MIDs everyday!

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USI was showing new MIDs at IDF.
MID-150 is the one without the keyboard and MID-200 is with the keybard.. Guess which one i like more..

Specs include:
1,2GHz Atom with 512MB RAM
4.8 inch 800 x 480 touch screen
2, 4 or 8GB SSD
Wifi and Bt
165mm × 94mm × 20mm
Weight from 300g to 350g
4 hour battery life

And a PCI Express slot for 3G, GPS or Digital TV

Thanks, PC User

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Anonymous said...

I think you mean ExpressCard slot. Most likely 34mm.
Interesting and welcome addition but it does take a significant chunk of space. Wouldn't make sense at all sticking one of those in a handheld MID device, but for UMPC's it would be great.

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